Old Mutual Bond Fund (LIFE)

19 October 2019

General Information

Status Open
Fund category: Life Fund, SA Specialist Funds
Management company: Old Mutual Life Fund
Asset Manager(s): - Old Mutual Investment Group SA
- Daphne Botha
Sector Insurance--Interest Bearing--Pooled
Benchmark All Bond index
Launch Date 01 September 1998
Fund Value ZAR 93,000,000.00 as at 30 Jun 2019
Risk Rating
Low Risk  High Risk
Performance Target N/A
Status is provided by the management company. This does not provide an indication of the availability of the fund within an Old Mutual product and may differ from the status of the fund within a product. The displayed risk rating may differ from the risk rating provided by the management company, where deemed appropriate.

Fund Description

The fund aims to offer a combination of capital growth and high income yields. Capital growth is primarily achieved by actively taking advantage of interest rate cycles.

This fund is suited to astute investors who have a particular view on relative asset class performance. The investor understands the impact of the interest rate cycle and accepts this risk in exchange for moderate long-term growth potential.

The fund invests across the full spectrum of the yield curve. it invests in public and private sector bonds and deposits, with at least 50% invested in bonds with an effective government guarantee. in order to achieve the fund objective the portfolio manager may choose to gain exposure to the described assets and asset classes by investing through OMLACSA pooled portfolios, collective investment schemes or a combination thereof.


Latest Buy Price: ZAR 1,021.55 09 Sep 2019
Latest Sell Price: ZAR 1,014.45 09 Sep 2019
Highest Sell Price: ZAR 1,016.61 04 Sep 2019

Prices are those of the tax-exempt fund class.

Price Performance

Daily Performance Figures as at 09 September 2019

1 Year 3 Years 5 Years
12.76% 9.01% 7.70%
Fund performance results are calculated on the sell-to-sell fund performance of the tax-exempt fund class, net of asset management fees and including reinvested income. Figures are calculated on a lump sum investment basis in the currency of the fund and are annualised.

Month-End Performance Figures

These details are not available for this fund.

Asset Management Fees

Buy / Sell Spread Fee: 0.00%
Annual Fee: 0.75%
Performance Fee: 0% to 0.4%
Total Expense Ratio: 0.77

Fees are those of the tax-exempt class and include VAT. Fees are those levied when investing in the fund through an Old Mutual product and do not include product administration charges and adviser fees.

Asset Split as at 31 March 2019

Holding Name Percentage
Local Bonds
Local Cash

Top Holdings (out of 62) as at 30 June 2019

Holding Name Sector Percentage
R2035 Bond 11.60%
R2037 Bond 11.20%
R2048 Bond 10.50%
R2030 Bond 9.70%
R2040 Bond 8.30%
R186 Bond 8.20%
R2032 Bond 7.50%
R2044 Bond 7.30%


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