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Employee Benefits

Employers of choice recognise that people should be at the centre of their business. In this way they not only enrich and improve the lives of their staff – they ensure the ongoing success of their business. Old Mutual has innovative products and services to assist small businesses and large corporates in offering the best possible employee benefit solutions to their staff.

  • Retirement Funds

    For businesses with 5 or more employees, we have a range of retirement solutions to suit every need of your employees.

  • Retirement Investments

    A range of investments and annuity portfolios for retirement that ensure consistently high growth while reducing risk.

  • Risk & Disability Benefits

    Offering a wide range of practical and flexible group life cover solutions for employees.

  • Financial Education

    Our Financial Wellbeing Programme forms part of Old Mutual’s drive to ensure financial literacy.

  • Preservation Options

    Helping employees preserve their retirement savings when they leave their place of employment.

  • Easy Benefit Plan

    An affordable way for employees of small businesses to save for their retirement.

  • Orion

    An employee benefit solution suited to small and medium-sized businesses.

  • Evergreen

    The optimal employee benefit solution for corporations and large businesses.

  • Evergreen
    Investment Advice

    The ultimate employee benefit solution suited to large business with a hands-on approach.

  • Fund Select

    Retiring SuperFund members can seamlessly transfer their savings into this annuity.

  • Preserver
    In-fund Preservation

    Helping employees preserve their retirement savings if they leave their job.

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