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Multi-Managed Smoothed Bonus

The Multi-Managed Smoothed Bonus Portfolio offers flexible guarantee levels on contributions invested and on bonuses. It is ideal for defined contribution funds, including those that offer member-level investment choice.


  • Market volatility is removed through smoothed bonuses.
  • Bonus rates are declared monthly in advance.

Key Features

  • The client chooses: 90%, 95% or 100% of all capital and bonuses on benefit payment.
  • Distributes investment earnings by way of smoothed bonuses.
  • Diversified underlying portfolio.
  • Long-term real return.
  • Assets are multi-managed by SYmmETRY Multi-Manager.

Value add to clients

  • Members have the choice of whether to switch out of the fund or not.
  • Investment values that grow at a competitive smoothed return.
  • Full or partial guaranteed investment.

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