Absolute Growth Portfolios

The Old Mutual Absolute Growth Portfolios target returns in excess of inflation over the long term, while significantly reducing the volatility associated with market-linked investments.

The underlying asset portfolio is aggressive, with more than 80% allocated to growth assets, in order to achieve meaningful real returns over the long term.

The three Absolute Growth Portfolio guarantee options are designed to cater for investors with different risk-return profiles.

What the Absolute Growth Portfolios offer:

  • An aggressive investment mandate that focuses on growth assets such as local and global equity, alternatives and property.
  • Distribution of investment returns by way of smoothed bonuses - declared according to a transparent formula.
  • A choice of guarantee level on all capital and declared bonuses.
  • Absolute transparency – returns are formula-driven, linked to CPI targets and declared monthly in advance.
  • A long-term return target of CPI+3.5%, CPI+5.5% or CPI+6% (depending on guarantee level selected).
  • A competitive fee structure.

How you benefit as a member or investor:

  • You have more control: You can select the appropriate level of protection according to your risk/return profile.
  • You have more clarity: The fully transparent bonus declaration process allows you to clearly track how your money is working for you.
  • You have more money: The competitive fee structure and aggressive asset allocation ensures that your investment growths.