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Market Indicators

Last update: 2014-12-20    00h09

Local(JSE)As at:SpotChange%
JSE All Share Index2014-12-19    17h0049,386.710.20
ALSI 402014-12-19    17h0043,655.860.11
Financial2014-12-19    17h0040,380.39-0.35
JSE Gold2014-12-19    17h001,116.30-0.59
JSE Industrial 25 Index2014-12-19    17h0061,813.160.05
Information Tech2014-12-19    17h0049,580.870.23
Resources2014-12-19    17h0023,045.730.95
Retail2014-12-19    17h0071,229.69-0.80
Financial and Industrial 302014-12-19    17h0065,895.13-0.14
JSE Industrial Index2014-12-19    17h0069,834.610.15
OML2014-12-19    17h003,371.00-1.43
Repo Rate2014-12-19    23h565.75 -
JSE S.A. Property Index2014-12-19    17h00593.700.52
SWIX2014-12-19    17h0011,005.630.21
JSE Financial 15 Index2014-12-19    17h0015,386.63-0.69
OffshoreAs at:SpotChange%
Dow Jones Industrial2014-12-18    23h5617,778.15 -
FTSE 100 Index2014-12-19    18h396,545.271.23
NASDAQ Comp Index2014-12-19    23h034,765.380.36
CAC-402014-12-19    18h394,241.65-0.18
Nikkei 2252014-12-19    08h0917,621.402.39
S&P 500 Index2014-12-19    23h152,070.650.46
Xetra Dax Index2014-12-19    18h369,786.96-0.25
MSCI Emerging markets (US$)2014-12-19    23h56935.121.85
CommoditiesAs at:SpotChange%
Brent Crude Oil2014-12-19    23h4662.304.23
GOLD-R2014-12-20    00h0913,808.93-0.18
Gold US$/oz2014-12-19    23h461,195.79-0.25
Platinum $2014-12-19    23h301,197.94-0.23
As at:
$/UK2014-12-19    23h471.56-0.28
Yen/$2014-12-19    23h47119.48-0.54
R/$2014-12-19    23h4711.58-0.10
R/Eur2014-12-19    23h5514.160.25
R/£2014-12-19    23h5518.070.02
$/Eur2014-12-19    23h371.220.48
AUD/R2014-12-20    00h090.11-0.09
R/AUD2014-12-20    00h099.420.09

The % change is the movement of the price from the previous close. The exception is the Dow Jones which quotes the closing price of the previous day.

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