Press Releases

Top Employer six years on the trot

14 Oct 2016
The Top Employers Institute announced last night that Old Mutual was ranked the leading Top Employer in Financial Services and Insurance in South Africa for the 6th year in a row, and strengthened its performance score from 98% to 99.3%.

Leadership change at Old Mutual Investment Group (OMIG)

10 Oct 2016

Old Mutual South Africa (OMSA) and Old Mutual Investment Group (OMIG) today announced that Diane Radley, Chief Executive Officer of OMIG, has resigned.

New Appointment: Elize Botha, Managing Director: Old Mutual Unit Trusts

4 Oct 2016
Old Mutual is pleased to announce the appointment of Elize Botha as the new Managing Director of Old Mutual Unit Trusts (OMUT) with effect from 1 November 2016.

Women vs Men: Savings and Investment Habits

13 Sep 2016
As many as 76% of South African women feel financially insecure despite demonstrating better budgeting and saving habits than their male counterparts. According to Lizl Budhram of Old Mutual Personal Finance, women’s lower rates of financial confidence reflect their higher levels of financial vulnerability. 

Soweto Marathon entry deadline extended to 4 October

6 Sep 2016
The Old Mutual Soweto Marathon has extended the submission deadline for all three race day categories, the Soweto Marathon Trust said today.

Old Mutual statement on Futuregrowth

1 Sep 2016
Yesterday Futuregrowth, Old Mutual’s Fixed Income asset management boutique, announced a decision to suspend additional loans to certain State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) until they obtain further clarity and comfort around the governance and oversight of these SOEs.

The shift to umbrella funds – is it the right option for your company?

24 Aug 2016
Given the increasingly complex retirement fund landscape and ever-expanding regulatory requirements, implementing a scheme for employees to save for retirement may seem like a daunting prospect for a business.

Leadership changes at Old Mutual Emerging Markets

8 Aug 2016
Old Mutual Emerging Markets (OMEM) today announced the following leadership changes within its business.

Stirring performances at the Old Mutual National Choir Festival regional championships

8 Aug 2016
In what was dubbed the battle of the choral titans, Sound of the Nation and African Sweet Melodies walked away victorious at the Gauteng Regional Championships of the 2016 Old Mutual National Choir Festival this weekend.

The grandest stages to host the 2016 Old Mutual National Choir Festival

2 Aug 2016
Southern Africa’s most loved choral music competition, the Old Mutual National Choir Festival, is set to lift choral music to new heights as the festival returns with two new hosts and spectacular new venues.

The 2016 Soweto Marathon becomes a jewel in Old Mutual’s World of Endurance crown

21 Jul 2016
For the second year running, Old Mutual is throwing its full green force behind the Soweto Marathon to host another unforgettable race that attracts and inspires athletes from all over the world.

Poor spending habits hamper consumers’ savings

18 Jul 2016
At least once in the last year, 57% of South Africans found that their income did not cover their living expenses. Recently released in the 2016 Old Mutual Savings and Investment Monitor, this statistic highlights that consumers are understandably struggling to stretch their household budgets, and that many South Africans are not being as financially astute with their spending as they could be.