Press Releases

Falling Chinese markets should remind investors of equity opportunities

26 Aug 2015
The devaluation of China’s yuan last week appears to have set off panicked selling action in global markets as investors speculate over an even weaker Chinese economy and increasing global deflation pressure. However, according to Peter Brooke, Head of Old Mutual Investment Group’s MacroSolutions boutique, the current downturn in global markets is a correction rather than the beginning of a bear market and investors should be looking for opportunities rather than fleeing.

Leadership builds on vision, passion and belief

20 Aug 2015
Dave Macready - CEO of Old Mutual South Africa - shares his thoughts on leadership. 

SA’s economic hopes and agriculture emerges as a viable African asset class

12 Aug 2015
South Africa may be suffering currently, but glimmers of hope are starting to emerge that undermine the more negative perceptions plaguing the SA economy.

Old Mutual claims statistics highlight importance of comprehensive risk cover for South Africans

6 Aug 2015
Claims statistics released by Old Mutual this week highlight the diverse range of illnesses, disabilities and deaths that befall South Africans each year, and emphasises the importance for people to ensure they have appropriate risk cover in place that will provide them and their families with the necessary financial security, should one or more of these events occur. 

Z Generation shows signs of developing healthy savings culture

30 Jul 2015
A surprisingly high number of working 18 – 23-year-olds (the Z Generation) are adopting a responsible approach to money management, indicates the 2015 Old Mutual Savings & Investment Monitor, launched today.

South Africans need to build emergency funds

30 Jul 2015
Money is so tight for more than half of working South Africans that unexpected expenses of R10 000 would force them to take out a personal loan, rely on credit facilities or borrow from family or friends. Another approximately 30% say they have no idea at all how they’d handle an expense like that.

Futuregrowth and Old Mutual invest in innovative home loan business

16 Jul 2015
With bank mortgages traditionally servicing the mid-to-upper income market, low income, first-time buyers have been largely overlooked. This is about to change with an innovative offering from Housing Investment Partners, which Futuregrowth has agreed to fund.

Sandwich Generation and its debts are growing

14 Jul 2015
During National Savings Month, Old Mutual previews some of the significant findings of the 2015 Old Mutual Savings & Investment Monitor, which will be released in full on 30 July.

Workshops on hitting all the right notes for entrants in 2015 Old Mutual National Choir Festival

8 Jul 2015
More than 120 choirs registered to participate in the 2015 Old Mutual National Choir Festival are invited to attend free countrywide workshops to prepare them for the singing battle ahead.

Integrated UAP-Old Mutual Group aims to be African financial services champion

2 Jul 2015
The newly merged UAP-Old Mutual Group business, now one of the largest financial services providers in Kenya with a growing footprint in East and Central Africa, confirmed its new executive structure and strategy at a media briefing today.

Old Mutual adds its support to National Savings Month

1 Jul 2015
The improvement of savings in South Africa is one of the major socio-economic challenges facing us as a society. A reversal of our poor saving record can only be achieved through a sustained collaborative effort, across the economy.

Fine wine shows crucial to growth of regional economy

18 Jun 2015
Fine wine shows make a crucial contribution to the regional economy by driving excellence in the industry and raising the profile of local wines locally and internationally.