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GREENLIGHT Personal Cover

No matter where you are in life, how old you are or what profession you have, you have responsibilities and priorities that need to be protected. GREENLIGHT has a range of solutions to help you protect the things you hold close to your heart: your family, finances, health, business and lifestyle.

Browse through our different solutions and see how GREENLIGHT can give you the peace of mind that the things you value most are taken care of.

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  • Life Cover

    Provides immediate financial security for your family and dependants when you die.

  • Earning Ability Cover

    Protects your income when you cannot do your job or normal day-to-day activities because of an injury or illness.

  • Lifestyle Adjustment

    Helps you cover the costs of a life-changing illness or injury or if you are retrenched.

  • Future Needs Cover

    Protects you against future uninsurability, your ability to pay premiums and save for emergencies.

  • Business Cover

    Protects your business against a variety of risks and ensures business continuity in the case of death, disability or illness.

  • Online Quote

    Are you interested in buying personal insurance cover and want to know how much it might cost? Try our online quote tool.



If you're covered under a stand-alone GREENLIGHT benefit you have unlimited access to
CARE 4U - a support programme which offers 24-hour assistance, advice and support for clients and loved ones.

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