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Funeral Cover

Funeral cover or a funeral policy is seldom considered until the time comes to organise a funeral. Funerals could cost anything between R7 000 and R30 000! The problem is that access to funds is temporarily suspended until such time as the estate is wound up.

There are a number of funeral plans available so identify what you need up front before making your choice. Is it cover for yourself; for yourself and immediate family; cover for your extended family, which could include your mother, father, brother, aunt, uncle, even your in-laws? Take a look at a few of our funeral cover solutions.

If you prefer to acquire sound financial advice then please provide us with some details (select the Advice tab from the block on the right) and an Old Mutual Personal Financial Adviser will contact you.

  • Funeral Plan Range

    • Maximum starting cover of R50 000 or R70 000 depending on choice of plan.
    • Funeral cover from R27/month
  • Greenlight Final Expenses

    • Maximum payout:
      R100 000
    • Settle funeral expenses or debt
    • Cover for partners, children, extended family
  • Burial Society Support Plan

    • Funeral cover and support for your burial society
    • Cover for family and adult dependents
    • Pays out within 48 hours
  • Pay When You Can Plan

    • Receive R5 000 cover for 14 months
    • No monthly premiums
    • Use a cellphone to register
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