Burial Society Support Plan

The Old Mutual Burial Society Support Plan is specifically designed to meet the requirements of your Burial Society, and offer you and your principal members a number of benefits.

Features and Benefits

  • The Burial Support Plan is not just ideally suited for burial societies, but for churches, parlours, stokvels, NGOs, clubs (family, social) and co-ops too.
  • Low monthly premiums.
  • Options to suit the requirements of your Burial Society.
  • Claims are paid within 48 hours, provided we have received the relevant documentation.
  • Your Burial Society is protected from the impact of multiple claims over a short period, as it would have the backing of Old Mutual.
  • We can provide financial education workshops that can help your Burial Society achieve financial freedom.
  • We offer guidance regarding the premiums that should be charged for the benefits provided, especially due to the impact of HIV/AIDS.
  • We can provide assistance with the basics of finance and administration of your Burial Society.
  • Your Burial Society will have access to MORE4U Value Added Services, which includes funeral support, health support, legal support, emergency medical response and trauma, assault and HIV treatment.