How to register a claim

You have the choice of:

  • Notifying iWYZE online;
  • Calling 0860 082 949 to register your claim immediately;
  • Emailing iWYZE (remember to include your policy or ID number)
  • SMS'ing the word “CLAIM” to 33771 and one of our consultants will call you back to register your claim.

Most claims will result in the cancellation of your No-Claim Reward. iWYZE will only compensate you in the event of a valid claim after you have paid the Excess as shown in your Policy Schedule. Certain additional Excesses as shown in your Policy Schedule may also apply.

*DISCLAIMER: Notifying iWYZE of your claim via email or the online claims portal does not mean that your claim has been registered. An iWYZE consultant will call you back, on receipt of your email or once you have successfully completed the notification process, to complete the registration of your claim and provide you with a claims number.

Information you will need to provide when registering a claim

You will need your iWYZE policy number, a SAPS case number (if applicable), your ID number and any other documentation that might be relevant – in the case of vehicle claims this may include your driver’s licence and the SAPS circulation number.

You will have to provide this information within the period specified by our agent, so as to ensure a speedy claims resolution.

Please note the following points with regards to making a claim from iWYZE:

  • In the event that your vehicle is out of warranty, iWYZE can choose to replace non-critical parts with alternative ones (in other words non-original) parts. This is to help restore your situation to what it was before the accident, while at the same time keeping your premiums as low as possible.
  • If your vehicle has been stolen, you should contact the SAPS and your Vehicle Tracking Service as soon as possible. You should ask the SAPS to circulate a notification regarding the theft of your vehicle and request that they provide you with the relevant circulation number that you need to forward to iWYZE. This will not only improve the chance of your vehicle being recovered, but will also help iWYZE with the management of your claim.
  • In the case of claims for damage to your vehicle, we will send an authorisation to the panelbeater who will contact you directly to arrange a suitable time to bring the vehicle in for repairs.
  • If you have chosen to include Car Hire cover under your policy, please remember that this does not cover the times your vehicle goes in for a service, or if you have a breakdown due to a mechanical or electrical failure. It only applies if your vehicle has been lost or damaged due to an accident, fire or theft.
  • If you have an iWYZE Buildings Insurance policy (Homeowner’s cover), you will be covered for loss or damage to the actual structure of your property (including geysers and outbuildings). Your Home Insurance policy will also cover damage to fixed structures in your home,for example built in cupboards and fitted kitchen units. Bear in mind however, that your other household contents (like furniture, curtains and carpets) have to be covered separately by an iWYZE Household Contents policy.
  • In addition, if you have high-value items – like jewellery, laptops, tablets, iPads, MP3 players, cellphones and expensive electronic equipment, you should specify them separately and insure them for their full replacement value with iWYZE Personal Goods insurance.
  • Finally and most importantly, always ensure that your premiums are paid up to date so that you continue to enjoy uninterrupted cover.

Important information about your iWYZE Car Insurance cover

You are insured for the value you have chosen as noted in your Policy Schedule. This value will be one of the following:

  • Retail Value (as listed in the Auto Dealers’ Guide)
  • Market Value (the average between the trade and retail value of the vehicle – both based on the Auto Dealers’ Guide) or
  • Specified Value (usually applicable to collectors’ vehicles).

If you are unsure about any aspect of your policy, or what is covered, please contact us immediately so that we can confirm that you are correctly insured!

To get quotes for iWYZE car, home and personal goods insurance call 0860 93 94 93 or submit your details and we’ll call you back! Alternatively, get a quick car insurance quote online now and see how much you can SAVE!

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