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Savings & Investments

Investing or saving money is key to achieving the goals you have set in life. Old Mutual offers a number of investment and savings solutions in which you can invest and each one is structured to meet a selection of investment needs.

Start by identifying your goal - are you investing for growth or for income?

  • Investing for growth means you are willing to invest a lump sum or on a monthly basis for a select period of time.
  • Investing for income means you need a product that will ensure some capital growth and pay out an income on a regular basis.
  • Max Investments

    • Affordable minimum.
    • Flexible and/or fixed payments.
    • Access to leading investment funds.
  • 2-IN-ONE Savings 4 My Goal

    • From R150/month.
    • Two savings pockets.
    • Save for the long term and access short term pocket when the need arises.
  • Unit Trust Investments

    • R500/month minimum.
    • Invest online or via adviser.
    • Access to funds.
    • No contractual term.
  • Offshore Investing

    • Diversify globally.
    • Reduce currency risk.
    • Investment available in three major currencies.
  • Invest Online

    • Online investment solutions.
    • Manage your own investment portfolio.
    • Ideal for astute investors.
    • Choice of investment products.
  • Tax Free Plan

    • Pay no tax on your investment.
    • Access your money any time.
    • Invest in a wide range of funds.
    • Invest online or via adviser.
  • Flexidowment Investment

    • Previous generation product.
    • Combined life insurance and investment.
    • Closed to new investments.
    • Monthly performance reports.
  • Max Income Solution

    • R10 000 lump sum to invest.
    • Guaranteed income for term or life.
    • Choose your income frequency.
  • Unit Trust Investments

    • Invest R10000 lump sum or R500/month.
    • Choice of income-generating funds.
    • Access to wide range of funds.
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