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MAX Investments

Max Investments helped me provide for my child’s education and still reach my retirement goals.

Be it your child’s education, retirement or pleasure Max Investments from Old Mutual offers flexible investment choices to meet and protect all your financial needs.

Max Investments is a savings and investment product that can be personalised to meet your needs. Yet it’s still flexible enough to adapt as those needs change over time, no matter what you decide to invest for.

Whether it’s investing for retirement, education, pleasure, a rainy day or capital, Max Investments has a solution that caters for your individual investment needs, in a tax efficient and cost effective manner.

  • Retirement

    The small steps you take today can help you build a great retirement. Enjoy the benefits of compound growth from only R250pm.

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  • Savings

    You owe it to yourself to put aside a little extra. All it takes is some planning to make your dreams come true.

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  • Education

    It’s never too early to start planning for your child’s education. Their future may depend on the decisions you make today.

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  • XtraMAX

    Cost-effective, single premium, 5-year term investment and retirement products provide extra value that's added to your investment upfront.

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SmartMAX Flexible Investment Plan


The trick to achieving your savings goals is to start saving as soon as possible. If you have a lump sum available or access to funds on an ad hoc basis then SmartMAX Flexible Education Plan is the solution for you.

SmartMAX Focussed Investment Plan


Whether it's school or tertiary education SmartMAX Education Plan is the smart way to save! Invest monthly for a fixed term with as little as R250 per month and start building your savings the SmartMAX way.

Retirement Flexible Investment Plan


Invest in your choice of leading funds from various fund managers while enjoying the tax benefits of a retirement annuity. The minimum for this Investment Plan is R10 000 lump sum or R500 a month (no minimum investment term).

Retirement Focussed Investment Plan


With the Focussed Investment Plan (regular monthly premium) option you benefit from disciplined regular saving for a fixed term, from as little as R250 a month. Discover how this industry-leading product works for you!

Savings Flexible Investment Plan


The trick to achieving your savings goals is to start investing as soon as possible. If you have a lump sum available or access to funds on an ad hoc basis then MAX Flexible Investment Plan is the solution for you.

Savings Focussed Investment Plan


The first step to getting the things you really want is the simplest of all... start with a monthly investment of just R250 in the MAX Focussed Investment Plan. A plan that offers flexibility and security.

Income for a term


Need an income for a fixed term and have access to a lump sum of R10 000 or more that is not derived from a retirement investment? Then MAX Income Investment is the solution for you.

Income for life


The Income for Life solution enables you to choose from a variety of income options to suit your situation or needs. Minimum investment amount is a lump sum of R10 000.

Retirement Income for life


Looking to invest a lump sum derived from a retirement funded source such as an RA? Why not consider the MAX Income for Life (Retirement) solution which guarantees income for the rest of your life.

Retirement Investment-funded income


This income-generating investment offers a flexible solution that combines investment freedom and market-based performance. You get to choose the percentage of capital (annually) that you take as an income.

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