Personal Loans

In a perfect world we wouldn’t have to fear unforeseeable and unavoidable expenses, and opportunity would only come knocking when we were prepared for it. But life isn’t perfect, and sometimes even the most well prepared of us need to rely on a personal loan.

That’s where Old Mutual strives to offer the best helping hand – by informing customers of their options and tailoring financial solutions specifically for their needs. Whether you need to pay for an emergency room bill or online diploma, Old Mutual can help you meet the expense while matching your loan to your individual circumstances.

how we lend

To ensure that our customers get the best financial support possible, we address three essential points when issuing a loan.

  • Affordability: We use the Affordability Assessment criteria prescribed by the National Credit Act to determine how much our customers can afford.
  • Financial education: To help our customers understand the 'cost of credit, we have included several blog posts on the financial implications of borrowing.
  • Individual needs: We take the time needed to understand your financial situation so that we can give you a loan that best serves your needs.


When to take out a loan

Ideally, you'd never need a loan. But life happens and sometimes you need extra cash to cover an unforeseen expense.
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What is the cost of credit?

Credit comes at a cost, and many people have no idea how much a loan will cost them.
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Everything you need to know

Credit score determines whether or not they qualify for a loan and what kind of interest rate they get.
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Old Mutual offerings are made available through Old Mutual Finance (RF) (pty) Ltd, a Licensed Financial Services and Registered credit provider (NCRCP35).