The Old Mutual Foundation was established in 1999 during the company’s demutualisation process, for the purpose of contributing to transformation in South Africa through effective socio-economic development initiatives. A central part of our responsible business ethos is caring for the communities we operate in, and we undertake to do this through the following focus areas:

  • Enterprise Development
  • Skills Capacity Building
  • Education
  • Staff Volunteerism
  • Vulnerable Communities

Through these initiatives, the Old Mutual Foundation aims to integrate marginalised South Africans into the mainstream economy, provide critical educational support to our next generation, and care for vulnerable communities. Our bias is towards rural and peri-urban communities where this need is often greatest.

The social development and transformation work of the Foundation is grounded in Old Mutual’s heritage and history. Our desire is to develop the communities we serve, while also enabling and supporting millions of South Africans to save, invest and strengthen their financial future.

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These following focus areas are considered for funding:

Enterprise Development:

This portfolio focuses on the development of SMMEs (small, medium and micro enterprises) in the agriculture, manufacturing and commercial sectors. Hybrid funding options are available through grant and loan financing. Consideration is given to broad-based, black-owned enterprises showing a strong track-record, a proven market, good potential to create jobs and long-term financial viability of the beneficiaries.

Skills Capacity Building:

This portfolio aims to support accredited skills training programmes which lead to opportunities for permanent job placement. Consideration is given to programmes with effective recruitment and selection processes, strong measures for monitoring and evaluation success, and an established network to absorb upskilled beneficiaries.


This portfolio targets the development of school leadership, teachers and learners, particularly in the areas of maths and science at secondary school level. This is a closed portfolio and external proposals are not invited due to established commitments with the Department of Education and other key learning institutions and service providers.

Staff Volunteerism:

This portfolio support various staff volunteerism programmes, which includes financial support for community development projects at which our employees are volunteering. The Foundation actively encourages Old Mutual staff to become involved in supporting and uplifting vulnerable communities.

Vulnerable Members of our Community:

This portfolio supports ad hoc funding to relieve the distress of vulnerable communities in the areas of care, welfare or crisis relief. Considerations are given to supporting, developing and empowering abused children, youth at risk, people with disabilities, women and the elderly.

Applications for funding

The Old Mutual Foundation application form can be downloaded here.

For any further enquiries, please contact Jody Green:

  • By post: The Old Mutual Foundation, PO Box 66, Cape Town, 8000
  • By telephone: +27 (0)21 509 7974