Customer Complaints

Old Mutual recognizes that every customer has a right to complain. Our complaints handling process affords you the opportunity to complain. Your feedback is valued as it allows us to continuously improve our service and processes, and affords us the opportunity to change bad experiences into positive ones.

If you have a complaint you can email us or you can call us on 0860 50 60 70.

Complaint process

  • When you contact Old Mutual, the call centre, operational department or branch has the responsibility to solve the complaint.
  • If the complaint cannot be solved within the operational department or branch, it can be escalated to the Client Relationship Manager or Manager at the operational department or branch.
  • Should the complaint still not be satisfactorily resolved, you may refer the matter to the Complaints Management.

How to complain?

  • Supply all policy, account or member numbers that relate to the complaint.
  • Be specific about what the complaint is and provide all the important facts (including events) that may have a bearing on the complaint.
  • Provide copies of all documents that have relevance to the complaint (i.e. letters, quotations, previous correspondence etc).
  • Provide proof of any losses sustained.
  • Specify the solution / remedial action you believe is required to resolve the complaint.

If you would like to submit your complaint online, please complete this complaints form

Contact Details

Should you choose to write, fax or email Complaints Management, the contact details are as follows:

Postal address:
PO Box 201

Email us
Call us on 0860 50 60 70
Fax number: +27 (0)21 509 0506

Still not satisfied?

Old Mutual has its own Office of Internal Arbitration. If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your complaint, you can present your case to the Office of Internal Arbitration. Please present your case with all relevant correspondence as requested above and mark the complaint as:

Complaint: Office of Internal Arbitration: Policy number (please provide your policy number).

Contact Details

The contact details for the Old Mutual Office of Internal Arbitration are as follows:

Postal address:
PO Box 80

Internal Arbitrator

Email Us

Fax number:
+27 (0)21 504 7700

Regulatory Bodies

If your issue has not been resolved by following the Old Mutual complaints management process, you may contact the relevant regulatory bodies.