Corporate Clients

Below you will find documents describing the principles and practices applicable to the various Corporate products. Please note that a single document covers the groupings of products indicated.

Corporate Smoothed Bonus & Absolute Growth Portfolios

Download the principles and practices documentcovering the following products:

  • Absolute Smooth Growth
  • Absolute Stable Growth
  • Absolute Secure Growth
  • CoreGrowth 100 and 90
  • Guaranteed Fund
  • Genesis Gross and Net
  • Bonus Escalating Annuity Targeting Portfolio

Corporate With-Profit Annuity Funds

Download the principles and practices document covering the following products:

  • Pensions Optiplus (including Pensions Plus)
  • Platinum Pension
  • Platinum Pension 2003
  • Platinum Multi-Manager (AFI and OMMM)

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