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Posted: 30 Nov 2015

Old Mutual’s Masisizane Fund’s Agricultural Value Chain Development Program

Old Mutual’s Masisizane Fund is committed to creating employment, eradicating poverty and reducing inequality. After founding the Masisizane Fund’ s Agricultural Value Chain Development Program using the farmer/ producer/ grower clustering approach in value chain initiatives such as maize, dairy and dry-beans, the Fund has truly begun to change lives of developing farmers.

One of the programme’s successes to date is the Matatiele grain cluster in the Alfred Nzo District in the Eastern Cape.

The Matatiele grain cluster initiative is made up of 23 farmers of which 8 are funded by Masisizane Fund and the rest funded by GFADA and other government institutions, living true to our ethos around partnerships, we are working together towards a common goal such as access to learning platforms, exploring market opportunities, collaborating in bulk purchasing of inputs, sharing of farming equipment and negotiating better rates with suppliers of inputs and services.

Based on the success in the previous seasons that have not been affected by extreme weather conditions such as drought and floods, the program is being expanded and more partners have come on board.

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