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  • Environmental Management
Posted: 15 Dec 2015


We are especially passionate about renewable energy projects that have the power to not only bring light and warmth to peoples’ homes, but also uplift the community in more far-reaching ways.

Umoya Energy was established in 2008 by our joint venture company, AIIM, to develop, own and operate the Hopefield Wind Farm in the Western Cape. It is one of the first wind farms in South Africa to feed power into the national grid, with 37 wind turbines generating 67 MW of clean energy.

Umoya Energy is working in close partnership with the local community and has committed to supplying the turbines and project maintenance for the first 15 years. This has led to the establishment of the non-profit Hopefield Wind Farm Local Community Company.

A community-run 5% stakeholder in the wind farm, the Hopefield Wind Farm Local Community Company will utilise its profits to channel funding into development projects within the local community, starting with providing solar geysers to underprivileged families.

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