Interactive Voice Response

Old Mutual offers investors and policyholders the option to access updated information on their portfolio over the phone.

The IVR option enables you to determine the value of your policy or fund as at today's date as well as termination and death values.

How does it work?

  • Before you begin you will need a list of contract or policy numbers.
  • After dialing 0860 70 00 00 you will be prompted to make certain selections and key in your Contract/Policy number as well as your date of birth.
  • The voice prompt will provide you with your most updated investment or policy value. It will also provide information applicable to the investment or policy such as: death value; termination value; the highest illustrative value; and the lowest illustrative value.
  • In this way you can obtain values on your policies and investments with Old Mutual.
  • You can opt to receive this information in writing, and as such, will be prompted to provide a fax number. The fax can reasonably be expected within the hour.

No registration process

There is no registration process and you can acquire the values instantaneously.


0860 70 00 00 is a sharecall number which means you will be charged local call rates, regardless of the call location in South Africa or where it is answered (this excludes calls from cellular phones).