Financial Education Programmes

Old Mutual’s Financial Education is accredited by the Insurance Sector and Training Authority (INSETA), as a learning provider in financial education.

The accreditation means workshop delegates can now receive a certificate, in line with the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) standards, on completion of the programme.

In addition, the Old Mutual flagship money management programme was awarded learning programme approval.

Old Mutual’s investment in Financial Education is part of Old Mutual’s social responsibility to educate the wider South African population on responsible financial behaviour, providing South Africans with knowledge and tools around money management. The aim is to help the nation break the cycle of generational poverty, get out of the debt trap and show people how to use the limited financial resources they have to realise their goals and dreams.

The success of the money management programme is that through it South Africans realise that creating wealth is not determined by earning ability, but rather by attitudes and habits around money.

So let's start with changing attitudes and habits. In this section you will learn all the basics you need to set you on a path of wealth creation, from the time you start your first job, through to your first day of retirement.

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