Secret of the Leopard

Many savings plans fail because the saver's goals are too vague. In order to convert your goals into reality you need to become very specific about what you want. This is where the Secret of the Leopard can help you.

Have a clear idea of your goals

The Secret of the Leopard is very simple: have a very clear idea of what you are saving for. At the same time you need to be realistic - the leopard always aims for things it knows it can get. When it is young, it firsts learns to stalk easy targets. As it grows up, it becomes more experienced and can target bigger animals.

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The Secret of the Leopard brochure will help you:

  • Record planned, clear and specific short-, medium- and long-term visions that are realistic, achievable and inspiring.
  • Understand the importance of reflecting on and researching your visions, and the best way to get support for achieving them.
  • Use your visions to ensure easier and more consistent financial discipline (i.e. help you deal with the urge to splurge).

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