Department of Education

Together with the Department of Education (DoE), Old Mutual launched a financial education toolkit aimed at improving financial literacy in schools. The aim is to donate the toolkits to 1500 schools, as identified by the DoE over three years.

On The Money Toolkit, a support resource for educators, consists of games, activities, posters, flash cards and assessment and lesson plan ideas. Through playing the games and carrying out the activities, learners will be required to read, write and comprehend, as well as apply mathematical skills. The games can be played over and over again, and learners will notice that they are learning, but rather having fun!

Financial Education also undertook to train the parent communities attached to the 1500 schools that will benefit from the toolkit, through the On The Money programme.

South African Savings Institute

Exchange boardrooms for classrooms during July and teach a 30-minute savings lesson to learners in Grades 4 – 7!

With July as the National Savings month and in the spirit of volunteerism and Corporate Social Investment, our Financial Education department has partnered with the South African Savings Institute (SASI) in the Teach-Children-To-Save campaign, to foster a savings culture in children.

If you’re interested in taking part in this initiative, all you have to do is choose a school, agree with the principal on the time and date (in July/August), then select the email link below and provide us with the following details:

  • Institution / School Name
  • Contact Person
  • Contact Details
  • Province
  • Rural or Urban
  • Grades
  • No. of Learners

Email us

You'll need to send us this information by 24 July. A lesson plan that’s easy to use, will then be sent to you.