Programme Benefits

The Financial Education project benefits you, organisations and the community. Here's how:

Benefits for You!

  • Helps enhanced your money management skills.
  • Assist you with managing your debt more effectively.
  • You become part of an important national drive to develop consumer skills, knowledge and behaviour in relation to money.

Benefits to an organisation

  • Adding value to the lives of employees, and empowering them, free of charge.
  • Influences productivity levels, by assisting with elimination of financial stresses
  • Teaching employees that despite our earning levels, we can all learn good money management habits and we can all aspire to a good level of financial security.

Benefits to the community

  • Financial literacy within a community means community development and lower poverty and crime levels.
  • When both adults and children are taught sound financial management skills then the fabric of families and communities is strengthened. The ripple effect is the enablement of families and communities to ultimately pursue their dreams, and secure a future filled with financial success.