Project Funders

There are three main project funders for Financial Education:


Masisizane is a non-profit organisation that has been created to accelerate economic growth in South Africa. Masisizane’s key focus is the development of rural businesses. Women head many, if not most, of these. Masisizane intends to help address the challenges these entrepreneurs face and help them succeed. Financial Education is one of the development initiatives supporting the Masisizane objectives.

Clients trained on Financial Education under Masisizane consist of the Women Development Bank, Old Mutual Foundation clients, and Imbizo in Centani and Acornhoek in Mpumalanga.

Visit the Masisizane website to find out more.

Financial Wellbeing Programme

In an effort to make preservation an integral part of retirement planning for its fund members – and encourage trustees and employers to do the same - Old Mutual Corporate has implemented a Financial Wellbeing Programme. This programme provides employers and trustees with access to experienced trainers who can be called on to offer educational seminars to members on various aspects of financial planning – including the reasons and methods for effective preservation.

As part of the programme, trustees and employers also have the ability to put individual members in contact with Old Mutual financial advisers, who are qualified to guide them regarding their retirement funding decisions when changing employers.

Visit our Corporate website to find out more.

Old Mutual

Old Mutual is the third key sponsor under the auspices of the Financial Services Charter which outlines certain deliverables expected from financial services companies. These include the amount of products made accessible by these companies to individuals from all walks of life (for e.g. all income levels).