Making a difference
in education
Equipping underperforming schools with the right tools
and skills to improve Grade 12 results.

What is the Education Flagship Project?

This project aims to invest in initiatives that will significantly improve the maths and science Grade 12 results in a set of South African public schools. The foundation is also trying to improve leadership at these schools through the development and coaching of school management teams and to provide support to educators teaching maths and science.
How to apply

Unfortunately, no applications are accepted from the public as we proactively seek partnerships with service providers to deliver on our education programmes. You contact the Project Manager, Kanyisa Diamond on 021 509 5012 or email her on on enquiries relating how to be considered as a partner or a service provider.

How to apply
See our overarching objectives

Not only do we improve the Grade 12 results of underperforming schools but we also look at community involvement.

    • Increase Bachelor passes with Maths and Science
    • Building strong leadership capability at district level
    • Building strong leadership capability in schools
    • Reinforce and sustain change through COPs
    • Improve the teaching and learning environment in schools with a focus on maths and science
    • Ensure appropriate selection of intervention sites
    • Foster community involvement in the school
    • Build governance capacity in schools
    • Collaborate with stakeholders, funders and service partners
    • Build strong relationships at Provincial DBE level