Old Mutual Insure The oldest non-life insurance company in South Africa.

Old Mutual Insure

The oldest insurance company in South Africa, Old Mutual Insure has a history that dates back more than 177 years. As one of the leading companies in southern Africa’s non-life insurance (also known as short-term insurance) landscape, we are justifiably proud of our tradition of service and quality, as well as our range of insurance solutions, which are amongst the best on offer anywhere in South Africa.

Partner with Old Mutual Insure today. Direct Customers can simply submit their details to request a quote or call us on 0860 22 55 63, or speak to your insurance broker.

Brokers & Advisers can contact us on 0860 63 73 73 for all their Personal Lines, Commercial Lines, Agriculture and Claims enquiries.
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We provide insurance services to personal, commercial and corporate clients in South Africa. We also have operations in Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Nigeria under the Old Mutual brand.

Support Contact Details for Brokers, Advisers and Direct CustomersOld Mutual Insure Brokers

Personal Insurance
Call: 0860 63 73 73
Email: broker@ominsure.co.za

Commercial Insurance
Call: 0860 63 73 73
Gauteng: gpcomm@ominsure.co.za
KZN: kzncomm@ominsure.co.za
Pretoria: northcomm@ominsure.co.za
Bloemfontein: centralcomm@ominsure.co.za
Port Elizabeth: eccomm@ominsure.co.za
Western Cape: wccomm@ominsure.co.za

Agricultural insurance
Call: 0860 63 73 73
Agri Coastal: agricoast@ominsure.co.za
Agri Inland: inlandagri@ominsure.co.za
All Claims
Call: 0860 24 7 365

MyOMinsure system support
Call: 0860 63 73 73
Email: onlinesupport@ominsure.co.za

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Old Mutual Insure Brokers
Old Mutual Insure Direct Customers

24/7 Emergency Assistance on the road or at home
Call: 0800 24 7 365

Personal Insurance
Call: 0860 22 55 63
Email: service@ominsure.co.za

Business Insurance
Call: 0860 22 55 63
Email: businesscare@ominsure.co.za

All Claims
Call: 0860 24 7 365

Old Mutual Insure Direct Customers
Magical Moments

At Old Mutual Insure we believe in the power of connecting with our customers in real and meaningful ways through our Magical Moments.

Magical Moments
Protect and progress your business

Get an all-in-one comprehensive business insurance solution and protect your business against unforeseen events that could lead to financial loss. 

You also have access to our FREE Business Growth Box, packed with useful information, tips and tools, designed to help your businesses grow.

Business growth box updated
Old Mutual Insure Assist

Access to 24/7 emergency services, claims notification and more.

Our policyholders can access emergency assist services 24/7/365, register claims anytime, complete windscreen claims and more.

Old Mutual Insure Assist
Driving less?

YOU COULD PAY UP TO 30% LESS * on your car insurance with our chatbot, UBI.

T&Cs apply*

Media Corner

Old Mutual Insure understands the importance of creating and joining interesting conversations around insurance matters to influence, inform and educate our stakeholders. Read all the consumer education, thought leadership & news articles we have distributed, below.

Broker Corner

Old Mutual Insure provides excellent tools to assist our Brokers to run their business effectively.

Brokers & Advisers can call us on 0860 63 73 73 for all their Personal Lines, Commercial Lines, Agriculture and Claims enquiries.

What's in it for you?

This is a self-help portal for you to make amendments on policies and quotations

  • Service Level Agreements (SLA) will be managed as part of the process. Introducing straight through processing (STP) capabilities.
  • Broker portfolio results reports
  • Work online via the web
  • Daily unpaid inquiries and breakdown of claims costs
A man in formal wear smiles during a meeting
Complaints and ComplimentsComplaints Process
  • When you contact Old Mutual Insure, the call centre, operational department or branch has the responsibility to solve the complaint.
  • If the complaint cannot be solved within the operational department or branch, it can be escalated to the Relationship Manager or Manager at the operational department or branch.
  • Should the complaint still not be satisfactorily resolved, you may refer the matter to the Complaints Management team.
Complaints Process

If you have a compliment you can email us or you can call us on 0860 63 43 57.


Contact us

We value your feedback! If you have a complaint, comment, suggestion or query please contact us.

    South Africa: 0800 24 7 365
    International: +27 11 374 4880

    South Africa: 0860 25 24 66
    International: +27 11 556 7060
    Emergency claims assistance: +27 11 991 8263

    Call: +27 (0)11 374 9111
    Old Mutual Insure
    Wanooka Place
    St Andrews Road
    Johannesburg, 2193

    Looking for your nearest Old Mutual Insure branch? 

    Find a branch or contact your Broker for assistance.

    Welcome to the service provider/supplier application portal for Corporate and Claims Procurement for Old Mutual Insure and iWYZE. Your application will be assessed by the Procurement Department and the relevant Business Units/ Departments and you will be contacted for further information, if required. It is important to note that by submitting this application you will not automatically qualify as, or become, a preferred supplier to Old Mutual Insure or iWYZE.


    As Procurement we make every effort to supply our internal and external stakeholders with a reliable and skillful supplier network who can deliver the best quality service at competitive prices to our customers. As a potential supplier to Old Mutual Insure/iWYZE you must have:

    • A current and valid BBBEE certificate or Affidavit as appropriate (Old Mutual Insure/iWYZE adheres to the principles and codes published by the Department of Trade and Industry and Financial Sector Charter Council in terms of the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act)
    • Valid contact details, i.e. an existing land line or cell phone number
    • A current and valid physical address
    • E-mail facilities
    • The necessary regulatory requirements, such as a Company Registration and VAT certificate (if applicable), as well as a Letter of Good Standing from the South African Revenue Services (SARS)
    • Applicable industry qualifications and/or formal association or governing body membership
    • Proper and relevant Tools of the Trade for the service provided
    • Experienced, qualified and reliable staff, including technical, administrative and accounting personnel
    • Relevant insurances in place, such as Public Liability or Professional Indemnity cover.

    Insurance industry experience will be an advantage for certain services.

    View the OMINSURE Auto Body Repairer (ABR) onboarding requirements here.

    View the Prospective Supplier Registration for Old Mutual Insure Claims, Corporate and Iwyze here.

    View the Supplier Login for existing Claims and Corporate Suppliers for Old Mutual Insure here.

    Please email us for further information on our procurement process.

    Should you wish to report a financial crime, you can choose to remain anonymous while doing so. All information will be treated confidentially. The anonymous reports and tip-offs website is managed and controlled by Deloitte Tip-offs Anonymous, an organisation independent of the Old Mutual Group.

    You are welcome to make your report via any of the channels listed below:

    Toll-free tel: 0800 006 930
    Toll-free fax: 0800 007 788
    Email Tip-offs Anonymous
    Alternatively, you can also contact the South African Insurance Crime Bureau (SAICB) on 0860 00 25 26.

    Contact our Old Mutual Insure communications team or keep abreast of our company news and media interviews.



    Tshepo Mashego
    Communications Specialist
    Tel : (011) 374 3037
    Cell : (076) 262 1238
    Email : Tshepo.mashego@ominsure.co.za

    If unavailable, contact

    Adele Kula
    Communications Manager
    Tel : (011) 374 3128
    Cell : (082) 349 1375
    Email : Adele.kula@ominsure.co.za

Call Us: Brokers & Advisers 0860 63 73 73 / Direct Customers 0860 22 55 63