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A powerful platform with a great networking space for aspiring artists and entrepreneurs with the desire to break into the entertainment industry.

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About AMPD Studios

Old Mutual AMPD Studios was launched in May 2019 to help elevate the careers and support the financial fitness of people who live, love and work in the world of music. It’s much more than just a music recording studio however. It’s a platform for talent, a launchpad for the music stars of tomorrow, a venue for learning and growing, and a centre for life-changing engagement opportunities.

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AMPD Studios
What can you do at AMPD StudiosFREE recording time every week for Old Mutual Money Account Holdersmoney accountUpstairs VIP Networking Area, bookable boardroom and performance stage FREE for Old Mutual Money Account holdersVIP Networking SpaceFREE Wifi, co-working desks and access to YouTube camera equipment for everyoneYouTube Equipment
AMPD Masterclasses & Icon Hero Conversations

We regularly host regular AMPD Masterclasses and AMPD Icon Hero Conversations brought to you by Old Mutual and in collaboration with our media partners and carefully selected musicians and entrepreneurs.

Through our inspiring AMPD Masterclasses, which are also held monthly, up-and-coming musicians can gain essential life skills, including how to manage and grow their finances better.

Through the AMPD Icons Hero Conversations, legendary music artists share their insights, learnings and personal experiences in the entertainment industry in conversation with new heroes. The series is broadcast once a month on radio, television and on Old Mutual’s digital platforms.

Old Mutual Money Account holders have free access to AMPD Icons Hero Conversations and AMPD Masterclass.

AMPD Icons Hero Conversations and AMPD Masterclass.
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AMPD Studios
  • Our studio is closed due to COVID-19 social distancing restrictions.