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The Old Mutual Foundation aims to provide support and
relief to those who are less fortunate.
about vulnerable communities

Helping Vulnerable Communities

This portfolio seeks to alleviate the distress of the vulnerable and defenceless. We provide relief and care to those in our society who are in need of compassion, disenfranchised or have been rendered voiceless – the elderly, neglected and orphaned children, including people with disabilities. Our focus is mainly in rural and peri-urban communities as we strive for improving lives in areas that need it most.
How to get funding

The foundation funds registered non-profit organisations with at least 75% black beneficiaries which address poverty alleviation, income generation, provision of skills and psychosocial support to the vulnerable. We also provide aid in cases of emergency disaster relief.

How to get funding
How to apply

If you would like to help us improve the lives of children, youth, women, the disabled and the elderly please contact the Portfolio Manager, Jody Green on 021 509 7974 or email CSI@oldmutual.com

How to apply
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