Old Mutual rewards smart financial decisions

Old Mutual Rewards is a financial rewards programme with a difference: you don’t even need to be a customer to participate. Anyone can join. Old Mutual believes that rewarding good financial behaviour is key to improving our nation’s savings culture, and the new rewards programme aims to help all South Africans - Old Mutual Customers or not - take control of their finances.


Old Mutual Rewards members can earn points by completing financial assessments, using online calculators like the education savings or debt repayment calculators, and completing education modules on Moneyversity, Old Mutual’s online financial education hub.

Old Mutual customers can also earn points just by having certain products with Old Mutual. Customers can earn up to 50% of their monthly insurance premium in points and up to 5% of their monthly savings, investments, and lending premiums in points. The rate at which customers earn points depends on their tier level . This is determined by how many financial needs you have covered by Old Mutual. For example, having four financial needs covered by Old Mutual puts you at Tier 3, where you earn 25% of your monthly insurance premium back in points.


There are three ways that Rewards members can redeem their points. They can invest their points in certain Old Mutual products, like the Money Account. And they can donate them to a charity. Finally, members can also spend their points at any of the many great Old Mutual Rewards partners. To redeem points at a participating store, a member only needs to generate a code using the Old Mutual app, and then have the code scanned at the till. Alternatively, members can also purchase vouchers with points on the Rewards portal.


To learn more about Old Mutual Rewards and how you can earn points for making smart financial decisions, visit the Reward’s website today.