Think you may
have a claim?
There could be some
unclaimed benefits due to you.

What are unclaimed benefits?

All our customers and their beneficiaries have a right to claim an asset that has not previously been claimed.

If you think that there may be some unclaimed investments or insurance benefits due to you please check by using our unclaimed benefits verification process. This is to help you identify whether there are outstanding benefits due to you.

How to check if you qualify?

To kick off the process what you can do is check whether there are any funds due to you through our verification form. You will still need to be authenticated later and follow the formal claims process.

Should your verification get a hit that there are outstanding benefits available, we'll supply you with the contact details to begin the process.

Note: This verification process does not cater for pension funds, please read further on for information relating to corporate pension funds.

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Possible Unclaimed Pension Fund Benefits?

If you think either yourself or someone you know may have made you a beneficiary on their pension fund, please follow the link below and see if there are potentially unclaimed benefits due to you.

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Need some more information on Unclaimed Benefits?

Have a look through our frequently asked questions for more info.

    Unclaimed Benefits are benefits(money) due to a registered beneficiary of an Old Mutual policyholder, that at one time was not able to be traced by the Old Mutual claims team. In aligning with ASISA regulations, Old Mutual has created a verification process that allows users to check whether they may have unclaimed benefits due to them. These benefits are associated with all products EXCEPT pensions, provident funds and retirement annuities

    There are a few ways to check if you have unclaimed benefits. The first and simplest is to verify your details against what we have in our records - you can use the link above in the “How to check if you qualify?” section to access it. You can also call the call centre and provide your information to the agent on call.

    The primary reason is that the Old Mutual claims team has struggled to trace the beneficiaries of policyholders. This could be for a number of reasons which include incorrect or outdated contact details for the beneficiary, or that the beneficiary has passed on. Therefore we cannot stress enough the importance of ensuring that beneficiaries details are up to date and accurate in order to prevent this from happening. Please log onto the Old Mutual App or our Online Secure Services to update your beneficiaries as soon as possible.

    Yes, the benefits will remain invested until all beneficiaries are traced and paid.