Build your
through Franchising with
Old Mutual Mass & Foundation Cluster

Why partner with us

It’s not easy being an entrepreneur in the financial services industry. When one considers the legal, regulatory, staffing and administrative requirements and costs, it’s hard to think about going it alone. This is why at Old Mutual, we seek to collaborate with you and help you live up to your full potential.
What sets us apart

Mass and Foundation Cluster Franchise is a division of Old Mutual Emerging Markets, which trades under the Old Mutual licence and is the first in the market to offer a Franchise proposition that meets the needs of customers in the mass market segment in South Africa.

Leveraging our decades of mass market expertise and combining our experience with entrepreneurial talent allows us to make our shared vision a reality. We work closely with entrepreneurs to not only meet their personal goals but to reach out to communities and deliver access to quality financial solutions, services and the financial guidance our market really needs.

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Learn more about the Franchise

Take a look at what franchising is, why you should consider it and the benefits of working under the Old Mutual brand.

About the franchise

Mass and Foundation Cluster Franchise is an alternative financial services distribution business within Old Mutual. Our Franchises are managed by Franchise Principals and the agents working within franchises strive to satisfy the financial needs of customers by providing financial education, advice, ongoing support and solutions that match customer needs with appropriate Old Mutual products.

Our Franchise Agents operate under the Old Mutual Financial Services Provider Licence and are mandated to sell Old Mutual products.

Build your business through Franchising with Old Mutual Mass and Foundation Cluster.

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What is Franchising?

Franchising leverages the strength and trust of big, established brands to provide credibility and support to small businesses. A key benefit is that a small company is seen to be backed by a major brand, providing customers with the peace of mind that the business is credible, its products are sound and the service will meet certain standards.

Through our franchise partnership you will be able to operate under the Old Mutual licence. This means that we help you meet the legal and regulatory requirements of your business, while providing you with support that comes with being associated with a well-established and reputable brand.

You will be able to offer solutions that meet customers’ evolving needs and will receive ongoing product and operational training and support. With over 175 years of experience and a people-centred business approach, Old Mutual Mass and Foundation Cluster has come to understand customer’s needs and have developed products specifically to meet the changing needs of customers in the mass market.

We are dedicated to providing the best financial education and advice. Not only do we offer products that help customers reach their goals and dreams; but we also offer financial education because we are passionate about transforming their future.

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Why consider an Old Mutual Franchise?

  • We give you access to a broad range of market leading solutions and tools
  • You gain access to one of the most recognisable brands in South Africa
  • We provide you with all the support you need to get going from day one
  • We provide competitive performance incentives and rewards including onshore and offshore convention trips, quarterly dinners and other awards to our top performers
  • We provide ongoing support to all the functional areas of your business such as product, legal advice, marketing, service compliance and IT
  • We have a national footprint so you can decide where you would like to set up your business
  • We actively encourage forward thinking, innovation and long term growth
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What are the benefits

What are the benefits of working under the Old Mutual brand?

  • We are one of the largest well-established financial services providers in SA
  • Over 175 years experience
  • Strong operating performance across all businesses
  • Good balance sheet position
  • Strong financial flexibility
  • Diversity of business and product portfolio
What are the benefits
Want to know more?Contact us to find out how you can become a Franchise Principal or Franchise Agent.

    A great Franchise Principal is someone with strong industry experience, strong leadership potential and who is entrepreneurial. In building and growing your own business you will need recruitment experience and experience in managing and motivating a sales force.

    As a Franchise Principal, it’s also important that you connect with our core vision – which is to be our customers’ most trusted lifetime partner, passionate about helping them achieve their financial goals.

    As a Franchise Principal you will be responsible to build your Franchise business by recruiting and managing Franchise Agents.

    • Entrepreneurial independence
    • Operate under the Old Mutual FSP License
    • Excellent service fee structure
    • Premium increases attract monthly service fees
    • Transparent contract
    • Access to industry expertise and support
    • Franchise Agent gets paid by Old Mutual directly
    • Comprehensive business support
    • Compliance requirements – costs shared
    • Ongoing training for the Franchise
    • Leading brand association
    • Competitive product range
    • Minimum of two years experience in the assurance industry
    • Leadership qualities
    • Energetic and a motivator
    • Have business acumen and the ability to grow and develop people
    • Have a strong network and recruitment skills
    • Matric
    • At least 12 months’ assurance selling experience
    • Your own vehicle
    • Comply with FAIS Requirements

    We'll put you in touch with a Franchise Principal.

    • Ongoing training and business support
    • Financial Planning and Advice tools
    • Operating under the Old Mutual Financial Service Provider Licence
    • Competitive and comprehensive product range
    • Compliance support
    • Marketing and sales support