The Scholarship

The Old Mutual Education Trust scholarships provide funding to study on a full-time, part-time or distance-learning basis for a first-time undergraduate degree/diploma (including BTech) at an accredited Higher Education Institution in South Africa.

Who may apply?

You may apply only if you are:

  • A member or staff member of one of the participating Trade Unions.
  • A child of a member or staff member, and are under the age of 25.
  • A grandchild or other child blood relation of the member or staff member, and are under the age of 25, and are solely financially dependent on the member.

The scholarship* covers:

  • Registration and tuition fees.
  • Prescribed books and other approved study materials.
  • Accommodation and meals in a residence administered by the Higher Education Institution for students studying on a full time basis.

*Successful applicants will be responsible for the payment of all other fees, costs or expenses associated with their studies.

Student support is provided for all of our students, in the form of bi-annual interviews, where they are encouraged to discuss any problems they have to do with their studies and ask any questions they may have.

Support is also given to full-time students who are required to find work experience in their line of study for two weeks during their vacation.

How are the scholarships awarded?

The scholarships are awarded primarily on the basis of academic ability and the financial needs of the applicant. The Board of Trustees will consider any other relevant factors when making the final decision on granting the scholarships.

The Old Mutual Education Trust reserves the right to adjust or withdraw any scholarship amount that may be awarded in terms of this application, should you be a beneficiary of other financial assistance (e.g. bursary, grants, loans, scholarships, awards, etc).

Students who are awarded the scholarship do not need to pay back the scholarship.

Courses offered

The courses covered by the scholarship are:

  • Agricultural Studies
  • Architectural and Environmental Studies
  • Biological, Physical and Chemical Sciences
  • Business, Commerce and Management Sciences/Studies
  • Communication
  • Computer Science and Data Processing
  • Education - including Advanced Certificate in Education (ACE)
  • Engineering and Engineering Technology
  • Health Care and Health Sciences
  • Industrial Arts, Trade and Technology
  • Law
  • Mathematical Sciences

If you are not sure what you would like to study, visit Go Study for some help.


View the list of institutions where you can study with a scholarship from The Old Mutual Education Trust.