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Apply today for an Old Mutual Accountant or Actuary study bursary.

What is an Old Mutual Bursary?

At Old Mutual we offer funding to study further for students who are passionate about becoming Accountants or Actuaries. The bursary is offered to students that have done exceptionally well at school. Every year, Old Mutual bursary gives an opportunity to bright minds to study at a prestigious university in South Africa. The bursary is set to cover most of the costs.

Our Bursary Application Process

Our application process is simple and easy, with a specific focus on our candidate experience where we ensure feedback at each stage of the process.

Online screening application process

A simple and easy application form where we request your personal information, a high level CV, as well as academic results for some of your key subjects.

A South African woman smiles as she leaves a building after applying for an Old Mutual bursary.

Psychometric assessment

Yes! You have met our minimum requirements on the screening form you will now be required to complete our online gamified assessments.

A young South African woman works on a psychometric assessment for a potential bursary.

Digital application form

Aced the assessment? Awesome! Now expect an email that will require you to complete our digital application form where we would like to know why you have chosen the Old Mutual Bursary and why you are interested in Actuarial Science/ Accounting as the craft you would like to own.

A young South African man with earphones around his neck smiles outdoors.

Live video interview

Now we get to meet you! The Live video interview is based on times in the past where you used specific skills/behaviours to get certain results. We also assess your true interest in the chosen career and of course get to know you better.

A woman checks her notes before attending a video interview.

How to prepare for the video interview

Here are 5 tips on how to show up for your interview:

Do your research

  • Browse the Old Mutual website to learn about us and what’s important to us
  • Check our social media accounts to see what we are currently sharing
A South African professional sites on a stair while he looks at the Old Mutual website on his cellphone.

Prepare common interview questions

  • Write out your responses with key points you want to communicate to keep your answers concise and easy to follow
  • Clarify your "selling points" and the reasons you want the bursary
A South African student uses his computer to research common interview questions.

Prepare for behaviour based interview questions

  • Prepare to be asked about times in the past when you used a specific skill (competencies). To do this, form your responses using the STAR method:

1. Situation: Provide an overview of the situation, be specific and succinct
2. Task: Explain the task/s you were responsible
3. Action: Describe your actions i.e. what you did?
4. Result: Describe the outcome/result. This is your time to take credit for your work or show your learning outcomes

A group of friends sit outside and socialise in South Africa.

Practice out loud

After you’ve prepared some responses, try practising them out loud. Whether you practice by yourself in front of a mirror, record yourself on your phone or practice with a friend, this is a great way to feel more confident and prepared before your interview.

A woman practices answering interview questions using her phone to record and review.

Be organised and ready to give your best

  • Be confident and present yourself professionally, including what you choose to wear
  • Try breathing exercises before your interview to feel relaxed and confident
  • Keep hydrated through the interview process
  • If you are attending an interview at our offices, arrive slightly early
  • For a virtual interview, become familiar with the platform you are using (MS teams) to avoid technical issues
A group of friends sit outside and socialise in South Africa.
Which bursary do you need?

Choose a bursary that will be best suited for your education and aspirations. Please be advised that the bursary is for South African citizens.