Empowering greatnessThe Old Mutual Education Trust provides funding and
opportunities for higher education.

What is the Old Mutual Education Trust?

The Old Mutual Education Trust (OMET) was founded in April 2005 by Old Mutual as part of a BBBEE transaction with 10 unions with whom Old Mutual has a business relationship. The scholarship is open to all participating union members and their dependents. This allows for the pursuit of any tertiary qualification at one of South Africa’s public higher education institutions. OMET also supports the personal, academic and professional success of their students by providing: computers, tutoring, access to counselling services and preparation for the world of work.
What does the scholarship offer?
  • Graduates’ transition into OMET’s Alumni programme where they continue as mentors and motivators to current students
  • They will get partial funding (R65 000 in 2020) 
  • Access to tutoring support 
  • Computers to 1st year entrants into the programme 
  • A holistic student support programme focused on academic success, psychological/ emotional well-being and preparation for the world of work 
  • A peer buddy support system by senior students for 1st year students 
  • A full mentorship programme for final year students delivered by OMET Alumni
Man wearing a yellow jacket in an informal setting
Why apply for Old Mutual Education TrustThe trust is aimed at supporting our staff member or their families with a chance to study further.
HOW TO APPLY? Applications are opening 1 June 2021, please come back then Your Education Trust scholarship questions answeredSee what the requirements are to get the scholarship and what the scholarship has to offer.

    The selection process is based on the academic ability of the applicant and in cases of a tie, the field of study, financial circumstances and gender are considered. OMET has a selection committee comprised of 4 senior people within the higher education sector - this committee audits and verifies the process. Final approval for the scholarships is granted by the OMET board at an official board meeting.

    The following persons may apply for the OMET scholarship:

    • A child of a member or employee (inclusive of an adopted child or a stepchild)
    • A grandchild or other child blood relation of a member or employee which is financially supported solely by the member or employee and is not older than 25 years old
    • A spouse of a member or employee or
    • Living together with the member or employee in a relationship akin to a marriage
    • To ensure 80% of OMET students complete their studies (additional years required) and 70% complete in minimum time (throughput rate). 
    • For OMET Alumni to deliver s a fully-fledged mentorship programme in support of OMET Students academic and professional success