Trust the processHere is a step-by-step selection process that will
help you ace that interview at Old Mutual.

Our hiring process

Our selection process may be extensive but we have added some of the frequently asked questions to make it easier for you. At Old Mutual you will have at least two interviews and if selected for the next round you will have to do some tests. After the test, Old Mutual will inform you if you got the job or not and make you an offer.
You want to stand out?
  • Do your research about Old Mutual
  • Identify your unique selling point and makes you a best fit
  • Prepare for the common interview questions and ask questions
  • Highlight how you managed a difficult task or client
You want to stand out?
How to get the job?

Go through the hiring process to put your mind at ease and to better prepare for what's about to come.

    Vacancies are advertised both internally and externally on our website and job portals.

    We conduct a minimum of two interviews per vacancy. The first will be with the HR and line Manager. The second will be with the Head of Department.

    Situation: explain the situation around the example. Be specific.

    Task: explain the objective. What were you trying to achieve?

    Activity: explain what YOU actually did & HOW.

    Results: explain what the outcome/ benefit of your action was. What did you accomplish and what did you learn?

    A combination of ability and Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ) assessments.

    Ability assessments are based on our competencies and the OPQ is a Personality assessment.

    To access a trial assessment visit:

    We have a vetting process that consists of the following:

    • Reference checks
    • Credit checks
    • Criminal checks
    • Qualification checks

    Once vetting is completed and you are selected to join Old Mutual, an offer will be extended to you. You will officially become a Mutualite.