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Career opportunities across Old Mutual are abundant. If you're looking for a challenge in your career path then Old Mutual is the home for you. With the challenge, comes great support from across the business. You owe it to yourself to learn more about Old Mutual. Great career opportunities start here.
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Below is the different teams and roles Old Mutual has to offer.

    These are roles that manage, supervise, lead, administer, develop, deliver, and support information technology (IT) systems and services. The paramount requirement is knowledge of IT principles, concepts, and methods; e.g. data storage, software applications, networking.

    The roles range from marketing products to individuals, to marketing products to enterprises. The focus is on relationship building and assisting individuals, corporate, governments, trade unions and SMEs with wealth creation, risk creation/protection, financial planning, investment etc.

    All the financial advice-giving roles require FAIS Act compliance and adherence to the General Code of Conduct.

    Roles in the Corporate Governance job family incorporate the following areas: Risk Management, Compliance, Internal Audit, Corporate Secretarial and Forensic Services.

    Together, these aim to promote a culture that supports an environment where legislation is adhered to, all the correct structures are in place and risks are managed effectively.

    The Finance job family focus on understanding and applying the financial processes in the business. The roles require clear understanding of the concepts in accounting and financial management. One must know how to manage the financial aspects of the business.

    The Actuarial job family consists of roles that involve the application of analytical, statistical and mathematical expertise to problems relating to annuities, life insurance, general insurance, risk management, health care financing, investment, corporate finance, banking and pensions. These roles require a formal Actuarial qualification.

    Roles may involve clerical or administrative support, developing and implementing policies and processes, providing specialist/expert advice and support, or carrying out project management and support.

    The Marketing, Communication & Strategy job family consists of roles that market products and services, advertise business or products to internal and external customers. They also look after public relations for Old Mutual.

    The Business Change job family consists of roles that are involved in the delivery of strategic initiatives.

    Responsibilities include the definition, set up and delivery of strategic programmes and projects, as well as the building and maintaining the frameworks to ensure predictability of delivery and results.

    Roles involve buying, selling, developing and leasing of property, such as buildings, shopping centres, office suites, blocks of flats, etc. The duty is to manage the facilities of the property, maintain them and measure and monitor clients/tenants satisfaction.

    The Product job family includes roles that research, develop, implement and market new products and maintain existing products. Roles in this family also track and report on product performance and provide specialist product support to the business.

    The Investment job family forms part of the Old Mutual Investment Cluster (known as OMIG). These roles consist of investment professionals who provide clients with access to both domestic and international investment capabilities. They also provide innovative debt solutions to South African corporate and state owned enterprise borrowers seeking competitive debt finance.

    The Strategy job family consists of roles that devise the short and long term strategy for Old Mutual.

    The Digital Garage is a hub of user-centered design and innovation at Old Mutual. It’s a collaborative space where teams from across the organisation can test and apply new methods of design and delivery. We're always looking for talented people, especially those with the following skills: project management, business analyst, IT/development, design/UX and content.

    The Human Resources job family consists of roles which devise and implement HR strategy, advise on, administer, supervise or perform work involved in the various phases of human resources management.