Old Mutual Corporate wins three Imbasa Yegolide Awards (hosted by the Batseta Council of Retirement Funds):

The Imbasa Yegolide Awards recognise service providers in the industry who meet the needs and expectations of retirement fund members by delivering excellent service and also the important role principal officers and trustees of retirement funds take in SA.

We won in the following categories:

  • Investment / Asset / Solutions Consultant of the Year
  • Technology Provider of the Year

In addition, and for a third time in a row, Old Mutual Multi-Managers was named: Manager of Managers of the Year.

2017 Awards

Old Mutual Corporate scoops 2017 IRFA Transformation Award:

Institute of Retirement Funds Africa (IRFA) 2017 Best Practices Industry Awards awarded Old Mutual SuperFund an award for: Transformation; which recognises the transformation initiatives that Old Mutual SuperFund undertakes in making real changes in the areas of social, industry and economic transformation.

In addition, Old Mutual SuperFund also received a Gold Standard Certificate in the category: Investment Practices; which recognises the compliance of investment portfolios currently offered by Old Mutual SuperFund and how the Management Board closely follows processes set out in the Fund’s investment policy statement regarding the monitoring and evaluation of the investment portfolios made available to members.

2016 Awards

The annual Imbasa Yegolide Awards (hosted by Batseta Council of Retirement Funds):

  • First place in the Manager of Managers of the Year (Multi-manager) for the second year running. This award recognises an investment manager who invests with, and actively manages, a blend of single asset managers on behalf of a retirement fund.
  • First place in the Communications and Marketing Provider of the Year that recognises a provider who assists funds to communicate with, and educate members, employers, administrators and other stakeholders through a range of different platforms.
  • Special recognition for Old Mutual SuperFund in the Member Education Fund Challenge for financial planning. This is the second consecutive year Old Mutual Corporate was recognised for its financial education capability.

Institute of Retirement Funds (IRF) 2016 Best Practices Industry Awards awarded Old Mutual SuperFund in the following categories:

  • Winner - Financial reporting: This was in recognition for our financial reporting to stakeholders in the form of the Old Mutual SuperFund Annual Report and Management Board Forum where our aim is to create meaningful engagement with stakeholders to ensure a holistic understanding of all relevant aspects of the financial soundness of the retirement fund.
  • Winner- Stakeholder Communication – Specific Project: This was in recognition for the educational communication we championed within the industry and to the Old Mutual SuperFund members on the Taxation Laws Amendment Act.

2016 Assegai Direct Marketing Award

Old Mutual Corporate was recognised as Brand of the Year at the Assegai Direct Marketing Awards (a pre-eminent integration marketing awards show in South Africa). They acknowledge those businesses that succeed in striking a solid balance between cost effectiveness, strategic effectiveness, creative brilliance and sustainable return on investment.