Get financially fitHelp your employees achieve the best possible financial
outcomes for themselves.

What is Financial Wellbeing?

Financial wellbeing is just as important as physical wellbeing. With that in mind Old Mutual has developed a fun, easy-to-read and interactive Financial Wellbeing Programme specifically designed for employees. They'll find everything they need to know from marriage contracts to car insurance to protecting their homes!
What’s in it for you?
  • Financially educate and support your employees
  • Financial assessments for you and your staff
  • Access to this free, decision-support offering provides vital life-event-based assistance
  • Access to comprehensive, professional advice offered by trained and accredited Old Mutual Financial Advisers
  • Access to on-site learning - no time out of office

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Key product offering

This financial wellbeing programme offers an all-inclusive approach aimed at educating and supporting South African fund members and their employees.

  • The e-learning platform is a free service to employers, employees and anyone eager to improve on their financial knowledge
  • Financial concepts are explained using different types of media, making them easy to access and understand
  • On-site learning offers free modules that are engaging and promise to answer any financial questions you may have
  • Fin 360 gives you a solid grounding in basic money matters. Modules are free and should take 8 minutes to complete
  • On the Money workshop offers vital basic lessons in personal financial management designed to help you become better managers of your own money. Modules are free of charge and should take 10 minutes to complete
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Financial health
  • The Financial Health Assessments are designed to give fund members a clear view of your current financial situation, an understanding of where they want to be, and how best to get there
  • The assessment tools are tailored for the needs of the individual. They include the member’s replacement ratio status on their retirement fund benefit statement and also utilise an Individual Retirement Calculator
  • The assessments are not only beneficial to members, they also offer valuable insights to employers and trustees in terms of the status of their overall fund member bases
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Old Mutual Member Support Services is a call centre solution that provides financial decision support and guidance during crucial life events such as joining a fund, resignation, retrenchment, retirement, death and disability. The Member Support Services offering includes:

  • Critical Decision Support - provides members with the information they need about the financial options available when they face various situations in their lives, e.g. on resignation, dismissal and retirement
  • Fund Member Education - equips members with financial and investment insights and understanding to help them make informed decisions about their retirement planning

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  • Fund members can benefit from a comprehensive professional advice offering, provided on a one-on-one basis by trained and accredited Old Mutual Financial Advisers
  • The fully licensed and accredited Old Mutual Financial Advisers follow a thorough financial planning process that begins with gathering and analysing all personal financial information in order to compile a comprehensive individual financial plan
  • The relationship-based service includes ongoing monitoring and guidance to help members progress along their path towards financial wellbeing
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    The Financial Wellbeing Programme is a benefit that's offered FREE of charge.