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and your options before, at and post retirement.
Are you looking for your fund statements?

As a fund member can easily access fund information through advanced, integrated digital solutions. Our new platform, which is developed in a safe and secure environment, enables you to view your statement of benefits, track your retirement savings claims, update your beneficiaries and more.

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Employee supportPre-retirement

There are two parts to every retirement journey: the time leading up to the day of retirement, and the retirement period itself. At Old Mutual Corporate, we know that effective investment of retirement savings is essential to both. That’s why we have designed a comprehensive range of pre- and post-retirement investments to meet the growth, protection and income needs of every individual.

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Solutions at Retirement

As a member, you’ve already taken important steps towards enjoying a financially comfortable retirement. Saving is one half of any successful retirement journey, making the right decision about where to invest when you reach retirement is the other. Old Mutual SuperFund Solutions At Retirement offers you two annuity options that have been selected by the Old Mutual SuperFund Management Board.

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Post Retirement

As a member of a retirement fund, you have already taken important steps towards enjoying a financially comfortable retirement by saving for it. Equally important is making the right decision about where to invest your savings when you reach retirement.

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Preserving Your Savings

We all know how important it is to have a savings plan in place for our retirement, but what happens to our retirement plans if our career paths change? Moving between jobs, or being retrenched or dismissed, usually means that the money you have saved up so far in your retirement fund becomes available to you. One of the best things you can do for your future is preserve your retirement benefit so that it keeps on growing.

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Want to know more about your solutions?

Contact your Old Mutual SuperFund Retirement Benefits Counsellor for free information and guidance, email superfundannuity@oldmutual.com or call 021 503 0069. For Advice contact your personal financial adviser or your HR department for your employer fund intermediary details.

    An annuity is a regular income you receive during your retirement years. The annuity is provided through products that then pay a regular income.

    The Old Mutual SuperFund Management Board has selected two annuity options for Old Mutual SuperFund members. These are the Old Mutual Fund Select Annuity (which is a conventional annuity) and the Old Mutual Max Income Living Annuity. You may, of course, consult an adviser if you wish to select a different annuity to these.

    That will depend on your living costs, dependants, lifestyle preferences and the amount of money you have at retirement to buy an annuity. While Old Mutual’s Retirement Benefits Counsellors (RBC) can offer you guidance on your choices, you should also speak to a financial adviser if you want a complete needs analysis and detailed advice.