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A diverse range of retirement investment solutions.

What are Retirement Fund Investments?

There are two parts to every retirement journey: the time leading up to the day of retirement, and the retirement period itself. At Old Mutual Corporate, we know that effective investment of retirement savings is essential to both. That’s why we have designed a comprehensive range of pre- and post-retirement investments to meet the growth, protection and income needs of every individual.
What's in it for you?
  • You can be confident that your money is working hard to help you achieve your financial goals.
  • Our offering allows you to tailor your investment according to your needs.
  • Celebrating over 50 years of smooth investing in the Smoothed Bonus Funds, therefore your money is safe.
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Our fund offerings

Perhaps now is the best time to start thinking about how you want to retire. We offer a range of options to choose from.

Grow & Protect

A selection of investment portfolios that deliver targeted returns while managing risk and significantly reducing volatility. It offers diversified portfolios of local and global assets, including significant exposure to private market assets such as private equity and infrastructure investments.

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A range of at retirement investments designed to deliver a consistent life time pension income with reliable capital growth and protection. As a leading provider of at-retirement investments solutions Old Mutual is trusted by thousands of South Africans to reliably deliver their pension income.

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Details of the principles and practises of financial management and our commitment to good governance and regulatory compliance. In the interest of greater transparency and good governance, Old Mutual publishes the principles and practices of financial management (PPFM) that are applied in the management of its discretionary participation business.

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Watch the Old Mutual Smoothed Bonus funds video SMOOTHING EXPLAINED Want to know more about retirement investment funds?If you want to know more, please read below but if you want to speak to a consultant don't hesitate to call 021 530 9600.

    Smoothing is a proven process used by Old Mutual to deliver long-term returns to investors in a predictable and stable way, thereby protecting them from the short-term volatility and uncertainty that can often characterise direct investment in equity markets.

    To deliver these stable, or ‘smooth’ returns over time, the smoothing approach delivers investment returns in the form of annual bonuses. While these bonuses typically offer a similar return to the underlying portfolio’s investments over time, they allow for some of these returns to be set aside as a reserve during periods of outperformance, and then used to offset any poor returns during challenging economic times or market downturns.

    An annuity is the regular income you receive during your retirement years. The annuity is provided through products which then pay the regular income.

    The Old Mutual Fund Select Annuity is a with-profit annuity, which means it aims to provide you with increases that keep pace with inflation over the long term. There may, however, be periods where low or zero increases are declared. With the Old Mutual Max Income Living Annuity you have the option to review your drawdown rate, which directly impacts the income you receive (and also affects the amount of capital remaining in your living annuity). You will receive an option letter to review your drawdown rate 3 months before the anniversary of your annuity every year.