Committed to your futureThe Old Mutual SuperFund Preserver is an easy
and innovative way of protecting your retirement savings.

What is Old Mutual Superfund Preserver?

Wondering what will happen to your retirement savings if you change jobs or leave your employer? Preserve your savings with Old Mutual SuperFund which protects whatever you have invested for retirement. It allows you to keep your retirement fund savings in the same Old Mutual SuperFund retirement fund you had as part of your previous job, even if you don’t work for that employer anymore.
How does Old Mutual SuperFund work?

You want to make sure that Superfund Preserver works as hard for you, as you have worked to build up your retirement savings until now.

  • With Preserver you continue your Old Mutual SuperFund membership, even though you have left your employer.
  • Preserver is subject to only the Master Rules of Old Mutual SuperFund. The Special Rules governing your previous employer’s sub-fund no longer apply.
  • There is no minimum investment amount for Preserver. However, for amounts of R30 000 or less, we recommend that you invest in the Trustee Choice investment package to keep fees to a minimum
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What's in it for you?
  • It offers easy, affordable and flexible retirement protection.
  • Your retirement planning stays on track.
  • You enjoy the same benefits and good service you’re used to.
  • It keeps your future investment options open.
  • You can access your retirement savings at any time in the future.
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Why choose Old Mutual SuperFund Preserver?As a member, you continue to enjoy the same service, choice and benefits that you had while you were with your previous employer
WHAT HAPPENS WHEN I LEAVE MY EMPLOYER?The guide explains your options when leaving your SuperFund participating employer due to resignation, retrenchment or dismissal.Want to know more about Old Mutual Superfund Preserver?

Take the time to make good informed choices. If you need more information you can also speak to our consultants by
calling, 0860 38 88 73.

    Before a benefit can be paid to you, or your family (in the event of your death), a Preserver Claim Form must be completed and emailed to the Old Mutual SuperFund Service Centre - superfund(at) Depending on the type of claim, additional documentation may be required. This is specified on the Preserver Claim Form and Preserver Member Guide. When you claim, you will exit Old Mutual SuperFund Preserver.

    If you become disabled during your Old Mutual SuperFund Preserver Membership, you can apply to have a disability benefit paid from your fund.

    You will need to provide proof of your disability to the Trustees of the fund in order to qualify for this disability benefit. If your application is declined, you still have the option of withdrawing some or all of your savings from the fund.

    If you die while you are an Old Mutual SuperFund Preserver member, Old Mutual SuperFund must use the balance of your Old Mutual SuperFund Preserver account as a death benefit. In terms of the Pension Funds Act, the Trustees of Old Mutual Superfund must allocate this benefit in a fair manner between your beneficiaries.

    It's important to remember that this death benefit doesn't form part of your deceased estate, so it is not paid out according to what you've said in your Will. Making sure you have updated your list of beneficiaries with Old Mutual will help make this process fair and efficient. As an Old Mutual SuperFund Preserver member, you can change your beneficiary nominations at any time.

    For more about death claims process please read the Preserver Member Guide.

    As a member of Old Mutual SuperFund, you don't just have a solid retirement savings scheme, you also have access to other risk cover benefits. We know the last thing you need when you have to claim is a complicated process, so we offer a quick and simple one aimed at getting you the payout you deserve, when you need it. For full details on the claims processes, read the Member Guide on Secure Services or contact your financial adviser.

    With Old Mutual SuperFund Preserver, you are allowed to access to your retirement savings at any time, either to withdraw them as cash, or transfer them to another retirement fund. Read more...

    Transferring your retirement savings to another employer’s fund.

    If you get another job that offers a retirement fund, you can keep your retirement savings invested, and have the potential to keep the investments growing for your future, by transferring the entire amount in Old Mutual SuperFund Preserver to that fund. This will protect the value of your savings because no tax will be charged on the transfer.

    Transferring your retirement savings to another fund.

    You can also choose to transfer your Old Mutual SuperFund Preserver account balance to a different retirement fund, such as a preservation fund or a retirement annuity. Doing this will also not result in your savings being taxed.

    Withdrawing your retirement savings in cash.

    If you are like most people, your retirement fund is the biggest retirement savings vehicle you have. This means it can be tempting to withdraw some, or all, of the cash in your Old Mutual SuperFund Preserver fund. However, this is not always the best idea - especially since it will leave you with less money for your retirement and it could mean you have to pay a lot of money in tax.

    Remember that by not keeping your retirement savings invested, you lose out on the benefit of compound interest, which means you will need to start saving for your retirement all over again, and you might never manage to build up the same savings amount again.

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