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Employer SolutionsRetirement Solutions

Old Mutual SuperFund is Old Mutual's flagship umbrella fund solution, created specifically to meet the diverse employee benefit needs of all types of employers and employees - in one holistic solution. At the same time, it offers the one thing that every employer and employee wants when designing the financial future they desire – more choice to meet their needs.

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Group - Risk Solutions

A comprehensive, yet affordable, range of employee benefits that serve to position you as an employer of choice. Each of the risk cover solutions we provide offers invaluable financial protection. Individually, they are an excellent way of safeguarding the futures of your employees and their loved ones.

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Corporate Consultants

Old Mutual Corporate Consultants has engineered a full suite consulting services that deliver a host of compelling benefits. Trustees and Management Boards enjoy the confidence that they are equipped to fulfil their fiduciary duties. Members are exposed to optimal investment strategies designed to meet their unique retirement savings needs.

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Debt Management

Debt is one of the most challenging financial issues facing most South Africans today, but it doesn’t have to be. Old Mutual Corporate has partnered with Octogen to create a unique and effective debt management system that combines cutting-edge technology with personal coaching - all focused on helping your staff and/or your customers take control of their finances and reduce over indebtedness.

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Employee Wellbeing

Financial wellbeing is just as important as physical wellbeing. With that in mind Old Mutual has developed a fun, easy-to-read and interactive Financial Wellbeing Programme specifically designed for employees. They'll find everything they need to know from marriage contracts to car insurance to protecting their homes!

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Are you in the business of running your own company? We all know that it's not easy being your own boss. At Old Mutual, we try to ease the stress with our insurance offerings. You can choose between insuring your business if you, your business partner or any key person in your business suffers an illness, becomes disabled or dies or risk management solutions to meet your specific insurance requirements.

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Investment Portfolios

This page gives you the most recently updated information about the different investment portfolios available to Old Mutual SuperFund members. You can also access:

  • Investment Performance Reports
  • Investment Guides
  • SuperFund Investment Provider Profiles

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Financial Wellbeing Programme

The Old Mutual Financial Welbeing Programme (FWP) has been designed to equip all South Africans with the education, understanding and tools they need to make good financial decisions that transform their lives and enable them to achieve the futures they want.

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