Cover your employeesGive your employees the best life,
disability and income protection solutions.

What is Group - Risk Solutions?

A comprehensive, yet affordable, range of employee benefits that serve to position you as an employer of choice. Each of the risk cover solutions we provide offers invaluable financial protection. Individually, they are an excellent way of safeguarding the futures of your employees and their loved ones.
What’s in it for you?
  • You're partnered with Old Mutual - a company with a solid reputation for providing excellent benefits
  • You can offer your employees a range of income protection benefits that enable them to focus on getting better and not worry about finances
  • A wide range of value-added services that ensure decision-making is easy, claims are easily submitted and families are looked after financially
  • Our life, disability and income protection solutions are affordable
  • Keeping your company at the forefront of developments. Our latest initiative involves helping businesses implement the Covid-19 vaccine rollout.
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Key product offering

Group Assurance offers the traditional range of life an disability cover as well as specific income protection solutions.

Life and Family Cover
  • Help your employees or fund members be financially prepared for death with Group Life Cover.
  • Select core cover with a range of additional value-adds and optional benefits such as spouse's life cover, accidental death and education guardian.

Family Cover

  • Comprehensive family cover that provides family members with assistance to cover the costs of a dignified farewell.
  • Free Funeral Support Services help to ease the burden of making burial arrangements.
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Critical Incidence
  • Old Mutual’s Critical Incidence Cover minimises the financial stress related to the high costs of treating a severe illness.
  • The core lump-sum benefit pays out for a number of pre-defined illnesses.

Lifestyle Cover

  • A critical illness or injury is not only a risk for a primary policyholder; it could happen to family members too.
  • The lump sum payout can be used by members and their families to help with increased medical expenses or costs associated with life after a major illness or injury.
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Disability Income

Well4Work offers:

  • Flexible income protection at an affordable price
  • A choice of four Well4Work income protection products

Red Ticket disability cover:

  • Specifically designed for miners who have lost their ‘Red Ticket’ or Certificate of Fitness and are unable to work
  • Benefits are immediately available to miners who no longer meet the requirements for a Certificate of Fitness
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  • A benefit that enables your employees' children to continue with their schooling should anything happen to them
  • Flexible payment options for your employees
  • Funds can be used to pay for a variety of education-related expenses

Value-added services
  • Optional Risk Benefit enables employees to increase their Group Life cover without medical checks
  • CASH4❤ONES provides financial support for the family of a disability income claimant who dies
  • Travelling nurses come to your place of work to conduct medicals thus making underwriting so much easier.
  • Funeral support services
Value-added services
Claims Management
  • HR911 is a value-adding telephonic consulting service for potential disability claimants. It assists all parties in managing the claim. Read more about HR911.
  • Early Claims Submission is for employees who find themselves unable to work permanently or temporarily. Submissions need to be submitted early so that they are not without an income. Read more about Early Claims Submissions.
  • We are here for our claimants when they need to claim from us but we are also committed to partnering with them, and their employer, to help them recover quickly, adjust to any changes, and get back to work. Read more about Case Management.

These are added features that ensure you and your employees (our members) are in good hands.

Claims Management
Need to claim?Looking for a claim form? Look no further! We have all the forms and downloads you need.
Helping businesses implement the vaccine rolloutSupport your staff with the Government’s vaccine rollout plan.
Watch the live webinar hosted by Old Mutual Corporate in collaboration with Right to Care and CareWorks for guidance on how to do this.
Want to find out more about Group Assurance?

Here are some answers to your questions.

    Send us an email and we'll bee in touch to establish your requirements.

    If additional medical information from the employee’s treating doctor is required, Old Mutual will provide the employer or employee with a request for further information which contains detailed questions to the doctor or therapist. At times the employee may need to be examined by an independent specialist or occupational therapist. In such cases, details of the specialist or therapist appointment will be communicated and Old Mutual will pay for this medical information.

    Once a disability income benefit is approved for payment, it is important to inform us of your nominated beneficiary and send the completed Cash4❤Ones form to us. This benefit will pay one beneficiary in the event of the claimant’s death while receiving the benefit. This value-added benefit is only for those receiving a monthly income benefit at the time of death. The benefit is payable to one elected beneficiary, should the claimant die during the payment period. For administrative purposes we have included this nomination form in the claims package. Kindly note that completion of this form is not a guarantee that the disability claim will be admitted and this should be explained carefully to the claimant.

    There are two main product types of the income protection benefit – the group income protection benefit, and the temporary income protection benefit. If you are insured under temporary income protection, the benefit can only be paid for a maximum period – which is stipulated in the policy (this can range from 6 months to 24 months). If you are insured under the group income protection scheme the benefit can be paid until a maximum of death; retirement or recovery.

    It is important to understand that the benefit is only paid while the claimant is unable to work. Hence, regardless of the duration of payment stated above or in the policy, if Old Mutual are of the opinion that you can work, your benefit may be stopped. The claimant will be re-assessed periodically to determine whether they continue to qualify for the benefit. If the claimant has recovered or earns income on their own efforts, the benefit will be stopped. The disability income benefit covers the employee against the inability to work and not whether the job is available.

    If we require any further medical information we will send this request to you and provide a period of 8 weeks to submit this information. If you are not able to submit within this time, please let us know.

    If we find that a claim is not valid, we will make every effort to contact you or your employer to discuss and explain our decision before we decline this claim.

    Old Mutual is willing to discuss and review the outcome of your claim should you be unhappy with our decision. This process is summarized below:

    1. Contact us directly:

    The quickest and easiest way to query a decision is to contact us directly. Please write to Old Mutual Group Assurance within 90 days of receipt of our decision by using one of the following addresses:

    Disability claims:
    Death claims:

    You can also phone us on (021) 509 6855, or write to us at:
    Old Mutual Group Assurance
    PO Box 1659
    Cape Town

    2. Contact Old Mutual’s internal complaints teams:

    If, after the review of our decision as indicated above, you are still not satisfied, Old Mutual provides a complaint resolution process that aims to duly address any dissatisfaction you may have with Old Mutual’s decision. You can contact the OMSTA Complaints Management Department at the following details:

    Fax: (021) 504 7700