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What is SuperFund?

Old Mutual SuperFund is Old Mutual's flagship umbrella fund solution, created specifically to meet the diverse employee benefit needs of all types of employers and employees - in one holistic solution. At the same time, it offers the one thing that every employer and employee wants when designing the financial future they desire – more choice to meet their needs.
What’s in it for you?
  • A range of retirement fund solutions designed to meet the unique needs of every business
  • You are able to retain your staff by means of value-adding benefits
  • You save money - all our solutions are cost effective
  • Quick and easy implementation and maintenance. You get the best of the benefits without the fuss
  • Compare the cost – we give you a clear view of the costs so that you can compare us with other commercial umbrella funds. Read more
  • We also offer help with unclaimed benefits. Find out more here
  • Keep your company at the forefront of developments. Our latest initiative involves helping businesses implement the Covid-19 vaccine rollout. Find out more here
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Key product offering

Old Mutual SuperFund offers a selection of retirement fund, risk benefit, preservation and annuity options to suit all businesses and their employees.

SuperFund Easy
  • For companies with five or more employees
  • Easy to manage retirement and risk benefits
  • Pre-packaged, no-fuss and cost-effective solution
  • Customise your (employer) retirement fund contribution levels
  • No medical check-ups for members (participating employees)
SuperFund Easy
SuperFund Choice
  • Investment choice with trustee-designed retirement investment options
  • Suited to medium- to large businesses
  • Minimum total monthly contribution of R15 000 required
  • Able to tailor your risk benefits for employees
SuperFund Choice
SuperFund Customised
  • Fully customisable solution gives you hands-on involvement in formulating the retirement and risk benefits
  • For businesses with 100 or more employees and R1bn in retirement fund assets
  • Choose Old Mutual or any provider of your choice
  • Get access to approved independent investment advisers
SuperFund Customised

As an employer, it is very important that you make it easy for your employees to keep their retirement plans on track by preserving their retirement savings if their career paths change. Old Mutual SuperFund offers a number of excellent preservation solutions to offer your fund members.

SuperFund Preserver - Allows your employees to remain SuperFund members even if they no longer work for your business.

Protektor - Allows anyone who is a retirement fund member to keep their retirement savings invested and growing if they leave their job.

Deferred Retirement - Provides the option for retiring members who don't need to access their benefit to keep it invested, protected and growing until they're ready to access it.

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Annuity Portfolios

SuperFund Solutions at Retirement offers two trustee-endorsed annuity options designed to meet the majority of retirement income needs and preferences of SuperFund members.

The annuities are:
Old Mutual Fund Select Annuity - a guaranteed annuity option that pays the pensioner a monthly income for the rest of their life.

Old Mutual Max Income - A living annuity that allows pensioners to choose which investment portfolio their retirement fund savings are invested into, and what percentage of their total invested amount will get paid to them as an income.

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Retirement Benefits Counsellors

All SuperFund members have free access to a Retirement Benefits Counsellor (RBC) as they approach retirement age. The counsellor is not a financial adviser, but is mandated to give members advice on their retirement investment, preservation or deferment options.

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Investment Portfolios

This page gives you the most recently updated information about the different investment portfolios available to Old Mutual SuperFund members. You can also access:

  • Investment Performance Reports
  • Investment Guides
  • SuperFund Investment Provider Profiles

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SuperFund Communication Hub

Stay in the know with Old Mutual SuperFund Communications Hub. Here you'll be able to download newsletters, newsflashes, forms, brochures and other updates pertinent to you.

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