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What is the Financial Wellbeing Programme?

The Old Mutual Financial Wellbeing Programme (FWP) has been designed to equip all South Africans with the education, understanding and tools they need to make good financial decisions that transform their lives and enable them to achieve the futures they want.

Offered as a valuable free service, in partnership with like-minded employers, funds and trustees that want to make tomorrow better for all, FWP is making financial empowerment a reality in South Africa.

Master your financial future

Pick a topic from the list and sharpen your financial knowledge.

Financial Planning

Get to know the big words on the road map to your financial plan as well as how to protect your wealth, create a will, make lucrative investments and retire as a satisfied senior one day.

A financial adviser meets with a  client and then draws up a quote for what they will need.

Short-Term Insurance

Take a look at your short-term insurance options, the right kind of cover, what to expect when it comes to insurance premiums and how to claim.

A couple enjoy a meal together and their car breaks down on the way home.

Wills & Estate Planning

Take a look at what you should be thinking about as you draw up your will, how to get on top of estate planning, what to expect when it comes to paying estate duty (tax) and the pros and cons of trusts.

A graphic showing what you should think about when drafting a will, like your home and cash assets.


Consider all the signposts on your road to retirement, learn how to preserve and reinvest your retirement benefit, and sort out all the items on your retirement checklist before the big day arrives.

A graphic showing two people and an exchange of money.

Your finances should fit you

Learn how to manage your money based on what's important to you.

The Toolbox

Part of being prepared is ensuring that you have the right tools. And we have just the tools to help get you on your financial education journey. Our tools are really easy to use - 5 minutes is all you need to find out if your savings are on track and another five to download our budget tool to help you re-route if you're not!

A graphic showing a person interacting with a calculator.

Community Feedback

Here's what our community had to say about the programme.

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