RetirementFind out what all the signposts mean on
your way to the perfect retirement plan.

Follow the Retirement Route

Start your retirement planning journey by finding a retirement solution that best suits you. Once you do, you will be better equipped to help it grow.

Two people shake hands when they meet to discuss retirement planning.
What to consider

Consider these few factors as you plot your route to your retirement.

Art of Preservation

When you have access to your retirement benefit, should you take the money, or put it into another fund? Take a look at why preserving your benefit is a good option.

A graphic showing someone growing their own vegetables, similar to preserving retirement benefits.

The Way to Grow

Reinvesting is like growing your own produce. Put the money back in a fund or retirement annuities and harvest the benefits of compound interest.

A graphic illustrating money being handed over for investment for retirement.

Retirement Checklist

Getting ready for retirement is a bit like planning the overseas trip of a lifetime. Money? Check. Documents? Check. There are a lot of things to take care of. Make sure you've checked them all.

A South African puts different options together for a retirement checklist.

Learning more about retirement options

Gain the knowledge you need to make better financial decisions.

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The Toolbox

Part of being prepared is ensuring that you have the right tools. And we have just the tools to help get you on your financial education journey. Our tools are really easy to use - 5 minutes is all you need to find out if your savings are on track and another five to download our budget tool to help you re-route if you're not!

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