Short-term InsuranceTake a look at the different options
available to you and make informed decisions.

What is short-term insurance?

Every day you take actions to protect yourself, your loved ones and possessions. Getting short-term insurance is pretty much the same thing. You pay an insurance company a regular amount, called a premium, to cover you against setbacks. How much you pay, depends on what you insure and the risk it will be exposed to. If anything you insured is damaged, lost or destroyed, your insurer will replace it or pay for repairs.

Right kind of cover

When you're driving an outdated map, a closed street or a wrong turn can be a disaster. That's when a GPS can save the day. In the same way, short-term insurance helps you recover from setbacks.

A GPS has multiple functions beyond just showing directions and speed. Short-term insurance also has many functions - you just have to pick the right one for your purpose. Depending on what you have or what you insure you may have one or more in place.

A woman with a worried expression receives a high bill for a vehicle accident.

Ways to make a claim

If something happens during your journey, you have to make a pit stop and decide on the best way to fix it. After a setback you can follow different routes to get back on track. The same goes for making a claim - you choose the way.

A woman uses a computer to go online and submit a claim for her short-term insurance policy.
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The Toolbox

Part of being prepared is ensuring that you have the right tools. And we have just the tools to help get you on your financial education journey. Our tools are really easy to use - 5 minutes is all you need to find out if your savings are on track and another five to download our budget tool to help you re-route if you're not!

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