Wills & Estate
If you have assets, you need to decide
what to do with them should you die.

Your Estate, Your Will

If you have assets, you need to decide what to do with them should you die. It ultimately means taking stock of life's big events. Taking it step-by-step will help you with the task of dividing your assets.

What to think about as you draw up your last wishes.

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What you need to consider

Take a look at some of the factors you need to consider when drafting your will and drawing up your estate plan.

Estate Planning

Putting a good estate plan in action might seem a mountain to climb - a bit like scaling Everest. But if you're ready for it and packing the right tools it's much easier.

A good estate plan not only protects your estate and family after you die, it minimises the amount of estate duty your family members will need to pay.

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Marital Contracts

While climbing Everest, you and your climbing partner might get separated. That's why you have to decide upfront how you'll share gear. The way your estate is divided up in the event of divorce or death is a bit like this.

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Estate Duty

Making your way to the summit of Mount Everest has its costs and takes its toll on your gear and supplies. This can be compared to estate duty.

Find out how the estate duty on your estate will be calculated and how to prepare for the cost.

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A trust is an arrangement through which ownership of what's yours can be transferred to one or more other people, the trustees. Following the trust rules you drew up, they manage or dispose of assets on behalf of beneficiaries.

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The Toolbox

Part of being prepared is ensuring that you have the right tools. And we have just the tools to help get you on your financial education journey. Our tools are really easy to use - 5 minutes is all you need to find out if your savings are on track and another five to download our budget tool to help you re-route if you're not!

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