Wills and Estate
Identify your assets and decide what
to do with them before it's too late.

Estate planning

Putting a good estate plan in action might seem a mountain to climb - a bit like scaling Everest. But if you're ready for it and packing the right tools it's much easier.

The goal

The goal of the climb is reaching the summit. The aim with estate planning is deciding how your wealth will be passed on and to whom.

A graphic illustrating a mountain with a flag right at the top.

Preparation and Planning

Step 1: Inventory of equipment
Step 2: Decide on a route
Step 3: Choose your gear
Step 4: Set your climbing pace

A graphic illustrating a list with what you would need to prepare for a climb.

Ready to ascend

With plans made, climbing gear in order and schedule finalised, you can start climbing. Time to scale the heights of estate planning.

A graphic illustrating a mountaineer preparting to climb a mountain and reach the top.

Your Estate Plan

It's the final chapter in financial planning.

One step at a time

Take a look at this step-by-step process of creating a plan.

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Break it down

Estate planning sounds complicated but once you break it down to the finer details it can be a straightforward process. Estate duty and its tax implications can potentially make a few decisions for you.