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Marital regimes and your estate

While climbing Everest, you and your climbing partner might get separated. That's why you have to decide upfront how you'll share gear. The way your estate is divided up in the event of divorce or death is a bit like this.

Sharing of gear

There are different options for sharing gear on a climb. You can split it equally, not share at all or only share resources you acquire along the way.

A graphic showing two people placing different items in a bag.

Ended relationship?

What happens to your estate if one of you dies or you get divorced? There are different set-ups for a marriage and each of them influences your estate plan.

A graphic showing a married couple who have decided to get a divorce.

In Community of Property

This is sharing all gear - old and new. Whatever you bring into the marriage, and whatever you add in terms of belongings and assets, is split equally between you.

A graphic showing how a divorcing couple have to divide their assets equally.

Without accrual

You and your partner keep your gear. You split what you add during the climb. Before this marriage, you sign an antenuptial agreement that sets out your rights. Both of you keep what you brought and add.

A graphic showing a person signing an antenuptial marriage contract.

With accrual

This is sharing of gear acquired along the way only. Whatever each spouse brings into the marriage can be declared in the contract and will remain their property. Whatever is built up during the marriage is split equally.

An engaged couple decide to sign an antenuptial agreement with accural before they get married.

Financial decisions before the "Big Day"

If you are thinking about marriage, it's the decisions that you make before the big day that can affect your finances over the long-term. With that in mind, a good understanding of how to set up a trust could prove handy.

A graphic showing a happily married young couple.
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